2018 Horoscope by Pt. Ramacharya for all Moon Signs

2018 Horoscope indicates towards exciting opportunities and possibilities in the coming months. While many ‘destined events’ will shape your life, there will be opportunities as well, that you could exploit to change the course of destiny. To say the least, 2018 is a year when your efforts would make a big difference. Saturn is well placed in Sagittarius through the year and will teach you to take responsibilities seriously and fight for your values. Saturn now will help you build a solid foundation for the life ahead. Naturally, the path to growth would have some roadblocks and challenges too, but only so you begin to value what you have and use it effectively.

Justice will be more important than ever! Saturn is placed in Sagittarius, which is a justice-loving sign and its lord Jupiter has also moved into Libra, represented by “scales”. Naturally, you will not tolerate injustice and dishonesty this year. And when it comes to self-improvement, this year is good to explore your spiritual instincts, meditate and practice virtuosity. 2018 will be exceptional for those involved in law & administration and excruciatingly tough for those involved in shady & illegal activities. This is not the best year for folks who are impatient and believe in shortcuts. 2018 predictions clearly indicate that results will take time to show up.

Rahu in Cancer will keep adding mental tensions but will also expand your network. Overall, 2018 is a promising year to explore meaningful projects and focus on the bigger picture. Mars will keep your level of passion and energy sky high especially after mid of the year. Keep reading to find out 2018 Horoscope prediction for all zodiac signs what you could expect ahead based on your Moon sign.

2018 Investment Horoscope for Each Moon Sign

2018 money horoscopeVedic astrology can offer crucial clues to help you prepare a better investment strategy. These clues are hidden in your birth chart and how the upcoming planetary changes bring about the results as promised in your birth chart. The analysis below in the wake of coming transits would help you invest right in 2018. Read 2018 investment horoscope below for your Moon sign.


For Aries, the period until 11th October 2018 will be quite favorable for making new investment as good returns are expected. Some sudden or unexpected profit may also come from investments in the real estate sector this year. The period from 6th Feb to 14th Mar 2018 and from 6th Nov to 23rd Dec is particularly favorable to indulge in investments. The most suitable sectors you could plough your money in include construction, infrastructure, iron & steel, leather, footwear, crude oil & gas. Investment in sectors related to tin & iron could be considered too in 2018. Read More


For Taurus, period after 11th October 2018 look promising if you are seeking high returns of your investments. A sudden big profit is also in the cards for you. The period from 2nd March to 9th May 2018 is also good for trying your luck. Some high potential markets for you could be banking, finance, insurance, gems & Jewelry. Investments in precious metals like gold or copper could be tried over as well. Investment in food grains will also bring in good benefits. Read More


Jupiter is highly gracious and favorable until 11th October 2018. You could expect positive returns during this period. But towards the end of the year, investing in property would be highly fruitful for you Gemini. From 13th April to 27th May 2018, you could make new investments but with caution and advice. The most profitable sectors this year could be health care, capital goods, automobiles, copper, steel, crude oil etc. Read More


For Cancer, the period after 11th October 2018 would give satisfactory returns from investments. Since transit Ketu is aspecting 11th house of investments throughout 2018, you would mostly get good returns. However, investments would be more profitable during the period from 20th April to 14th May 2018. You could consider investing in fashion, media & entertainment, hospitality, travel & tourism. Investing in diamond, opal & quartz could be a wise choice too. Read More


Investments may not yield high returns this year Leo. And the existing investments may also tumble or completely wipe out your savings. Trading would not yield any satisfactory profits either. It would be in your best interest to avoid investing this year. And if you still want to, consider safer options only. Financially, 2018 is not the most pleasant year. Read More


Virgo, you may enjoy good returns of your investments, especially until 11th October 2018, and more so during the period from 9th June to 2nd September 2018. Sectors that might yield high profit include media & entertainment, telecommunication, power, electrical goods, infrastructure, cements, iron & steel, petroleum, shipping, oil & gas. You could also invest in aluminum, silver etc. Read More


Investment prospects look average for you Libra. You will see mixed trends in the market. If you want to invest, consider the period from 5th July to 19th September 2018. You may benefit from investing in power sector, media, nuclear energy and Govt. /public sector units. Investments in gold, copper and bronze would also be profitable. Read More


Cosmic placement this year is not much favorable when it comes to investments. Still, you could indulge in stock trading that may render good profits starting from 11th October 2018. The period from 1st August to 17th October 2018 also indicates possibility of profits. And if you not sure of which sector should you invest in, consider telecommunication, FMCG, textile, IT or Agro products. Read More


Sagittarius, the period until 11th October 2018 is quite favorable to indulge in investments. However, thereafter, expenses may shoot up to some extent. If you wish to invest, the period from 1st September to 16th November 2018 looks favorable. FMCG, banking & finance, garments, hotels, sugar, agriculture are a few sectors you might profit from along with silver and copper. Read More


Capricorn, you might attract more profits from investments after 11th October 2018. Before that, keep a cautious approach in money matters. Throughout the year, transit Saturn and Rahu are likely to erase any gains from your financial slate so be very careful. Don’t make investment based on unreliable market analysis or rumors. Only indulge in investments after proper research of all pros & cons and terms & conditions. Good returns could be expected during 17th Jan to 7th March 2018 & from 26th October to 16th December 2018. During these periods, your luck quotient is high. For high profits, you may consider investing in pharmaceuticals, cement, infrastructure, spices, cloves, tobaccos etc. Read More


For Aquarius, Saturn is favorably transiting in the house of income and gains throughout the year suggesting high profits from investments this year. 2018 is promising for inflow of wealth and overall prosperity. You would see good monetary gains. The best periods for investment are from 1st Jan to 2nd May 2018 and also second half of December. Some high-opportunity sectors that might yield high returns include FMCG, textile, shipping, exports sector, edible oils, bronze, topaz, mustard, wheat etc. Read More


Pisces, stock trading would be the most profitable out of the available investment options. Jupiter would improve your luck quotient after 11th October and may bring many gains. However, the periods from 13th Jan to 15th Feb 2018 and from 2nd May to 6th November 2018 are also promising. Investments in power, IT, leather & footwear, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, coal, realty, crude oil, mining and agriculture would yield great returns. You could also consider investments in copper, iron & steel this year. Read More