Cancer – 2018 Career Horoscope

2018 Cancer Career Horoscope, Cancer, you would have a good energy and strategic thinking as the year starts. You would be appreciated and rewarded during the first half of January. Your determination and energy level would be exceptional and it would help you face any kinds of obstacles without any fear.

Jupiter transit in Libra is opportune for you and your career would expand until 11th October. This is also a good time to expect a promotion or increment. You would likely achieve success with the same company. Enjoy this stable phase in career and do not look for a change yet.

On the down side, you would have a fair share of troubles with coworkers this year. There would be disagreements and arguments with them but thankfully, boss would support.

Cosmos is blessing you high luck quotient this year when it comes to professional matters. Success would come easy. And since you also seem to have good determination and drive to finish what you have taken up, work life would remain a smooth sail. You would meet deadlines and targets on time.

These skills and approach however cannot fulfill your goals as what you need to most to execute your career blueprint is confidence. And it is during May to beginning of November when you would have a great sense of self-belief to take up new challenges and risks. This is a great period to take new initiatives at the workplace.

If you are employed, adopt a careful approach at work starting from the second half of October. Some downward trends are seen. This however may not affect those in creative fields. The period after October is not much positive to start new ventures or projects either.

Your opponents would do everything to affect your chances of success in 2018. However, you would gain victory over any opposition.

Cancer Business and Finance Horoscope 2018

Cancer 2018 business horoscope, Cancer, this year may not start as positively for businesspersons. However, as the months pass, situation would get better, especially after 9th May. In fact, your growth and profit prospects look quite promising in May and October.

Overall, destiny would be by your side as the year comes to an end. You may see some expenses though, especially on professional endeavors.