Gemini – 2018 Career Horoscope

Gemini, 2018 would start average on the professional front. You may need to b more careful as Rahu would continue to create confusions and quarrels.

Gemini 2018 career horoscope, Gemini this year, Jupiter transit to Scorpio after 11th October 2018 would prove to be a turning point in career. Thereafter, you would observe many prospects of progress. Hard work is a perquisite though. A promotion is also in the cards by then and you may also have to relocate for the better. The period after mid of October is also good to start new projects or have accountability of new work.

Coworkers would share an average rapport with you this year. Also, boss may not be as encouraging too. You may feel burdened at work at times, especially if you are employed in private corporation. You may not get enough time to relax yourself and this could cause some level of frustration too. Expect high workload this year.

Those working in government departments would observe good growth during mid March to mid April and mid-September to mid-October. But if you are working in a creative field, the month of August demands

You would likely remain productive and hard working throughout 2018. However, health may sometimes go downhill. This could affect your professional prospects to some extent. You should not take additional responsibilities this year and complete pending tasks first.

March and April would bring new opportunities and during these months, your confidence and energy level would be superb too. This is the best time to execute important plans and meetings. Your sincere approach would help you a lot during this 2-month period.

Gemini Business and Finance Horoscope 2018

Gemini 2018 business horoscope, if you are in a business, you might want to be more careful in your transaction between March to mid of May. Have patience. The period after 19th September is highly positive in terms of profits and gains from business, especially until 6th October.

Overall, 2018 looks like a promising year to experiment with new career opportunities and discover your passion. The end of the year is especially promising in terms of professional success.