Leo – 2018 Career Horoscope

2018 Leo career horoscope, Leo, your annual career horoscope shows dynamic trends and success towards the year-end when Jupiter changes sign on 11th October 2018. Your affinity with coworkers and associates would increase after September and you would maintain a cordial bond with boss, especially between mid of March to 7th May. You would also do well in managing the workload.

Your innovative and creative abilities would help attract success especially during the period from April to mid of May. You will carry out your responsibilities so effectively that it would earn you much reputation and praise. You would also have a stable career. However, August is a month when your image could get harmed so take care.

You have a determined approach that would help you meet career goals successfully.Your work efficiency and talents would come to light especially during the period from mid of August to mid of September use this time to put across a unique reputation. You would remain productive throughout the year and your energy level would be particularly superb during January to first week of March. You will improve your work abilities during this period.

Fortune may not be as favorable in the beginning of the year. You may have to work extra hard to pull in success, especially until 7th March. For jobholders, the month of March could be troublesome so be cautious. Your high opportunity periods this year are mid of April to mid of May and the month of September.

Leo Business and Finance Horoscope 2018

Leo 2018 business horoscope, Leo, new business ventures and projects would bring desired reward if started after 11th October when Jupiter moves into Scorpio. Business profits would be very promising from September 19 to October 6. However, a cautious approach in business matters is necessary during March to mid of May. There could be some obstacles and dissatisfaction at work.

Overall, this year would turn out well in career matters. However, it is more promising for businesspersons as compared to those employed. The last few months look more promising in terms of new opportunities.