Libra – 2018 Career Horoscope

2018 Libra career horoscope, 2018 is a favorable year for Libra in terms of career progress. You may however become a bit aggressive as the year starts. Nonetheless, your confident determination and sincerity to work would be exceptional, especially until first week of March. All you need to do is maintain a calm disposure and avoid being harsh at the workplace. Otherwise, there could be unnecessary arguments at work, especially during 2nd May to 6th November 2018.

Work pressure may be high during the first half of the year and you may have to work additional hours to meet deadlines. While your determination, intellect and hard work would help you carry out your responsibilities on time but this workaholic tendency cannot last forever. There is a chance that you may become lethargic or get distracted as the year progresses due to more focus towards entertainment. You should rather maintain work-life balance and not give too much attention to either of the areas.

The period from 19th September to 6th October indicates towards chances of relocation. This could also be job specific, due to a promotion after 11th October. However, you should be careful and maintain cordial relation with seniors during this period. Otherwise, the good opportunities may vanish and you may even lose your job.

Libra Business and Finance Horoscope 2018

Libra 2018 business horoscope, Libra, those in business should pay attention to the rising expenses. Profits may not come as easily this year. You may however indulge in investments, especially from 16th August to mid of September.

The period after 11th October looks smoother and you could also think about new ventures, projects and responsibilities during this period. Jupiter is gracious too. However, you need to keep anger in control to wave off the year on a positive note.

Wealth prospects from career and chances of profits may not be as frequent this year due to effect of Rahu. It may also earn you a bad reputation at the work front. Towards the end of the year, you should also.