Aquarius – 2018 Horoscope Forecast for career, love and Marriage


Aquarius, you don’t mind moving out of your comfort zone when it comes to fulfilling your ambitions. This year, you will show exceptional willpower and resilience as indicated in Aquarius 2018 horoscope. Your tendency to take goals seriously will pay off. Add the virtue to patience to your attributes, and sky will be the limit in 2018. While you are likely to get acclaimed for your hard work and efforts, don’t depend upon luck too much. It will take some sincere moves to attract success. Expect hindrances on your way and at times, life will seem like moving in a destined pattern when you have no control left on the direction life takes. However, things will eventually fall back into place, the way you want. You will concentrate a lot on earning and income this year but there might be situations when you will have to hold the purse strings and stick to budget. These financial adjustments will only help you save for the rainy days so don’t be afraid of the minor setbacks.


This year, your journey could be a bit bumpy but you will make some useful connections on the way that will help reach the destination eventually. You will at times ditch your practical self and get driven by emotions too so expect mood to fluctuate and a lot of thinking about old matters. Career progress will be there no matter what, especially during the latter half of the year. Even in the face of challenges, you will keep infusing relentless efforts into your professional pursuits. This will help keep things stable on the work front. You will meet new professionals and form lasting connections, even abroad which might help boost profit from foreign sources. Sometimes, you might run into misunderstandings with colleagues and face a perplexing state at workplace. But a bit of tact and persuasion will help you bring back peace at work.

Jupiter is favorable so you will be able to sidestep major troubles this year but it is also backtracking for a while between March and July. This period demands some vigilance in financial matters. You need to be careful concerning your income sources too. Spending could increase during this period so be prudent. Your hasty actions and mistakes could also result in financial losses at this time. Do not indulge in any confrontations or fights now. Saturn, the taskmaster will also be in retrograde motion this year from April to Sep. This is when you will need to be more careful as it could result in relationship hurdles. You might feel confused and misunderstood. Overall, your 2018 horoscope suggests that you should be open to seek others’ help when needed. Whenever you feel stuck or confused, don’t hesitate to turn to elders. This will help you keep matters stable.

2018 Key Planetary Transits effects on Aquarius

The effects of planets are different on each zodiac sign/ rashi depending upon their nature and placement in your birth chart. Cosmos making constant transits bring noticeable changes in the key areas of life such as finance, career, health, relationships, etc. Following are the key planetary movements, which are affecting your life in 2018. This horoscope 2018 forecast is for Aquarius Moon Sign. Are you an Aquarius Moon Sign? Read Planetary Transits 2018.

Aquarius 2018 Horoscope: Saturn Transit

Saturn would be transiting Sagittarius throughout 2018. The planet would bring positive results for you, Aquarius. You will be more confident and honest with yourself. The transit will bless you with ability to take a stand and raise voice for justice. You would be helpful and interested in social service throughout. Any pending issues and work will complete in this period. You will be more capable, responsible and mature in this year. Performance would be much better in business and job.

2018 Aquarius Horoscope: Jupiter Transit

Jupiter, the destiny-changing planet is transiting Libra in your 9th house until the last quarter of 2018, improving your financial prospects and bringing prosperity. You will perform better as the transit will also improve health prospects. At the same time, siblings too will excel. Education of children and students will also move in the right direction. Jupiter in the house of fortune and spirituality will enhance your intellect and wisdom levels. You would achieve success in all your endeavors.

Jupiter will transit Scorpio after 11th October, Sagittarius. This move would bring a fortunate period indicating growth in career and finance. There will be a boost in gains and profits resulting in financial prosperity. Also, you will overcome your enemies and rivals with the help of your strategic thinking. At the same time, the transit is favorable on the family front as well. You will experience peace, harmony, and happiness. You may also purchase luxurious asset. You will gain reputation and fame due to philanthropic activities.

Aquarius in 2018: Mars Transit

Aquarius, Mars transit in 2018 would be favorable for you and your siblings too. However, domestic happiness may go missing in the beginning. Things will improve from 17th January until 7th March. Career will also progress during this period. However, health demands caution. Until 2nd May, there will be wonderful financial gains. Your status and reputation will enhance. You may acquire multiple sources of income. Your patient approach towards career will pay off well. Period from May until November, you will get an opportunity to make foreign contacts.

Aquarius Horoscope 2018: Rahu Transit

Rahu transit in 2018 might bring some problems on the health front, Aquarius. There might be some issues related to skin, indigestion, and stomach. In fact, you need to take care and exercise caution in terms of heart and cholesterol level too. However, you will come out as a winner at work. You will overcome your opponents and enemies. If you are stuck in any litigation matter, you may succeed.On the other hand, you might have to suffer loss in honor and dignity. You are required to work sincerely and avoid illogical decisions. You may lose some savings too. However, money given to people will come back to you with interest.

Aquarius 2018 Horoscope: Ketu Transit

Ketu is making a transit in 12th house from your natal Moon, Aquarius. This move may decrease your expenses resulting control on overspending. You may have spiritual inclination or tendencies in this period. However, health of mother needs attention. Exercise caution and take care of her. Some domestic strife within family members may prevail. This transit would also help you keep you opponents at bay. You would win against them. On the other hand, you might face some obstacles in attaining comforts and luxuries.