Aquarius- Love Horoscope 2018

2018 would bring moderate results in the love sector of your horoscope Aquarius. If you are already in love with someone, the first half of 2018 looks positive for your relationships. However, you may experience some issues after 11th October. The month of March holds promise of romance and intimacy too. You would spend ample time together during this month and may indulge in luxurious experiences, dinners, drinking, travel etc.

In terms of physical satisfaction, the period from 2nd May until 6th November 2018 is highly promising. You would get closer during this time, both emotionally as well as physically. You are also likely to travel abroad this year with your partner. The period from 16th August to mid of September is good to indulge in new relationship. In fact, the period before 11th October is good in indulge in new love affairs but you may experience some hurdles. You would find a worthwhile prospect who is courageous and confident. They could however be a bit fixated in opinions. This year is not much favorable to exchange wedding vows.

2018 love horoscope for Pisces suggests positive trends when it comes to longevity of your relationship. However, after 11th October, you may not feel as passionate in love.

The end of the year is quite risky as you might develop feelings for someone else. Disloyalty could affect/end your existing relationship so you may want to be careful. Too much attraction to opposite sex should be curbed down. Otherwise, damage is likely. Overall, you may want to be extra careful in love matters after 11th October. Be more caring and understanding with your partner if you really want things to work out between you. There would be circumstances when you may have to adapt and compromise so be flexible in your approach. To seal the creaks in your relationship, you could plan a trip together or present something special to your partner.