Aquarius October 2017 Horoscope

Aquarius Moon sign natives would have mostly a good month of October. Although you might find various activities which would not be very supportive in long run. The month could start off low on account of health and stamina. You might feel bogged down due to various health issues but all this would improve tremendously after the 17th October 2017. Further worry about partnerships or joint areas of work would also give way to growth and gains after the 3rd October 2017. The Saturn-Venus Conjunction takes place in your house of career and this could bring in some very positive developments at work between the 13th and the 29th October 2017. You might find things blocked or hurdles there but overall behind-the-scenes, a lot of good is happening which would give you great returns in long run.

Further you will also have the conjunction of Jupiter and Mercury in your 8th house on the 11th October 2017 which could bring in very good amount of gains from spouse, partners and areas which are totally unexpected at this point. Gains due to your hard work would prevail right throughout this month and there would be definitely some amount of progress due to your hard work and long term strategy that you have been following. You might find yourself a bit blocked and pressured due to relationships in the second half of the month.

Career: Career would give you tremendous returns. There would be financial gains and growth overall. Some strategic long term partnership and project is taking place and that would culminate probably towards the end of the month. Mostly career trends are very promising. Work environment could be tough. There would be hurdles, struggle but eventually things will work out so do not worry too much. Team and colleagues will also be supportive and there should be good amount of growth and gains from your team this month. Delegate work for best results.

Love and Marriage: Love life would be positive till the 13th October 2017. There would be happiness in relationships but after the 13th October 2017, there could be block and ego. You might find somebody being competitive in work environment where you might have a love interest so be cautious. Existing relationships would be average and not give too much of a progress or growth possibility this month. Marriage matters would be below average till the 17th October 2017 and thereafter luck in marriage matters would improve. Spouse could be difficult at times and there could be some anger and aggression which you need to read carefully to progress further.

Money and Finances: Money matters would be average. There would be gains from alternate sources although main line of work might not give so many direct gains during this month. You might find substantial gains coming in through partners or spouse. Income will be good throughout this month. Investments need to be handled with care.

Students and Children: Students would have an average month. There would be progress but at the same time you might also feel bogged down by work. Exam results could be below your expectations. Children related matters are average too. There could be a drop in level of interaction and progress of children might be below your expectation also. Mostly an average month in these areas.

Health and Family: Your health would be poor till the 16th October 2017. Improvements will come in nicely thereafter. Avoid food and activities which could increase blood related disorders. Family life will be positive but lot of activity will take place because of which you might not be able to spend so much time with family. Broadly speaking the results connected with family would be good.