Aries – Love Horoscope 2018

2018 Aries love horoscope – looks highly promising, but not in the beginning. As the year starts, some arguments could flare up with marital partner due to Mars transit. Even after 17th January when Mars moves into the next sign, some issues may occur due to anger until 7th March. It’s a period when you need to maintain your cool and think twice before you let out any harsh words.

During the period from 6 Feb to 2nd March 2018, you might develop an extra marital interest so be cautious. On a positive note, the level of passion and intensity would increase during March. You could expect some rosy moments and you may also travel abroad with your partner.

During the period from 20th April to 14th May, love life would take the front burner. You would hang out often with your partner and may have some lavish dinners. However, anger could spoil things between you. Try to adopt a flexible and compromising attitude. On the positive side, despite minor issues from May to November beginning, your love life would eventually become pleasant.

Starting from September onward, your relationship and love life would become more satisfying and harmonious. Although this ecstatic period may only last a month, these moments would get etched in your mind forever. You should however be careful when it comes to romance and libido as some issues are expected between 17th October to November. Plan a rejuvenating trip to spice up and lighten the emotional baggage between you. Be more open to your partner about your feelings and emotion.

If you are single, you might find some worthwhile suitors from 5th July to 1st August and from 16th Aug to September. Your potential partner would be knowledgeable, cheerful and wise. Overall, love life would remain joyful this year, as long as you keep anger in check.