Cancer – Love Horoscope 2018

Cancer love horoscope 2018 – Cancer, your 2018 horoscope shows mixed trends. As the year begins, you may observe lack of understanding with your love partner. You would be easy to anger and irritable, especially between 17th Jan and 7th March. However, this period would still fare as a positive one for your relationship as despite the negative tendencies, you would maintain some cordiality.

If you are single, this year does not hold many opportunities to mingle. However, you may still engage in new relationships during the first 3 months and then also from May to first week of November. You may have feelings for someone who is impartial in nature and is quite dependable. Your potential partner may take good care of you and may be very hard working too.

This year, some issues in the intimacy department could be there, especially from March to May. Try to minimize distractions and build a rapport to fulfill each other’s needs. Positively, June, September and October are a few months when you would enjoy some passion ridden romance and sensual moments. The period from May to November beginning id also promising in terms of bed pleasures.

During April and May, fulfillment of desires is indicated. You would be loyal and loving with your partner and this is something to be joyous about. Love in fact would become a priority. There would be a lot of leisure time together, such as dinners, parties etc, especially between 5th July o end of the month.

You should be careful with regards to health of partner this year as this could create a lot of tension. Also, anger needs to be curbed down as otherwise, it could lead to separation as well. You could become a bit detached but this is the year to value emotions of your partner. At the end of the year, some unpleasant circumstances may prevail in your relationship, which you need to be careful of. Make sure to spend time together to strengthen your bonding.