Cancer October 2017 Horoscope

This is going to be an average month where some and some difficult events would be present for you in equal measure. You will find that you would be aggressive, dynamic and hard working in most of the matters during this month. At the same time there would be growth in new areas, expansion due to people in position in authority and high status. You could get into trouble for speaking or writing something that could eventually backfire on you. Communications should be handled with lot of care after the 3rd October 2017.

Broadly speaking position and status could come under some sort of a problem and do not trust people blindly during this time. Do not sign or stand guarantee of people around you. Mostly your mind could be under some sort of a sub-conscious pressure and due to this some difficulty in family related matters and anger for unnecessary reasons could also come up many times during this month.

Romance or love could play a very important role as possibility of meeting your life partner in case this is applicable to you at this stage would become possible around the 29th October 2017 when this conjunction takes place. Further, the Jupiter Mercury conjunction takes place on the 11th October 2017 and that could backfire on you as you could speak things in a difficult manner and at the same time your actions could land you into trouble unnecessarily. Avoid speaking loosely or acting in a manner which is not responsible as that could get you into trouble.

Career: Career would do well. There would be a lot of growth during this time. There would be progress at work due to your own efforts now. Work done by you will help you overcome competition and also take care of people who are against you in your work environment. Broadly speaking, you should not trust people too much as that could bring a downfall in your position. Team and colleagues could get you into trouble as there could be certain mistakes or poor communication lines between you and your team members. Avoid excessive delegation of work.

Love and Marriage: Love life would be happy throughout. There would be interesting trends after the 13th October 2017. Chances of finding a lasting love or a special relationship towards the end of the month is possible. Existing relationships would be happy and quite interesting but partner might turn competitive so avoid getting into controversies. Marriage matters would be positive. There would be good trends overall and good chances of having a happy and positive time with spouse during this month.

Money and Finances: Money matters would be positive. There would be growth and gains mostly. Income would also be good throughout. Creative work will give you a fair amount of success and progress. Investments would be good. Avoid getting into loans or loans for the sake of investments.

Students and Children: Children related matters would be positive in terms of progress but health of children could be difficult. Students would have a good month. There could be certain issues with regards to exams and the result might not be as good as your expectations.

Health and Family: Your health would be good mostly. While family life could be difficult because of your internal thought process and some negative thinking going on in your mind.