Capricorn – 2018 Horoscope Forecast for career, love and Marriage


Capricorn, your relentless efforts would finally pay off. This is the year to taste success and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Capricorn 2018 horoscope predicts a lot of acclaim and appreciation for your talents and hard work. But no more backstage work, it is your time to take the spotlight. There will be chances to do that, you just need to grab them in time. Finance is also a strong aspect this year as Jupiter is giving a boost to your income. Career development would be satisfactory in 2018. It seems planets are deliberately adjusting their position to boost your pace to success. While you know that there will be happiness and prosperity, this year is not a long vacation for you. There will be work, and a lot of it. You should utilize this period to brush up your skills and further explore your line of work. This year will work more like a prelude to your success story. And the next few chapters will only be worth the read if you keep working hard.


Despite the speedy career progress, expect your ride to be bumpy. There will be ups and downs, particularly from March to July during Jupiter retrogression. During this period, you will need to be more careful in business and strictly shun making jumpy moves. Maintain a patient attitude in life and refrain from changing or leaving job out of impulse. While career is a bright area this year, relationship aspect is a bit cloudy. You will need to wipe the fog of misunderstandings to see a clearer future with your partner. It’s Rahu that’s causing all the confusion. Shift your focus to the positive than the negative aspects in your relationship. Things might not be as bad as they seem. All you may need is a one-on-one with partner. Relationship with business partner may also hit a rough patch. Do not put blind faith on your business partner this year, especially when it comes to documentation.

Saturn, the cosmic law enforcer is backtracking during the period from April to September. You might make some new business prospects and connections abroad now. After some initial hindrances, you could seal an important deal during this time. A bit of patience will help you sail through Saturn retrogression smoothly. Things will be much better when Saturn resumes it direct motion. In love matters, you will likely take your relationship to the next level or find your special someone if single. Romance and passion will come back into your life. But married couples may still have to wait and be careful in relationship matters this year.