Capricorn – Love Horoscope 2018

2018 Capricorn love horoscope – 2018 would be an average year for your love prospects Capricorn. At the start of the year, you may observe more fights and disagreements with your spouse. Sexual dissatisfaction could also be the cause behind this frustration. However, married life would get a lot better after 11th October. For love partners, the period from first week of Mars to starting of May would bring some sensually rich moments.

You are likely to share good understanding but if you are married, anger issues may spoil things at times. Also, you should also pay attention to health of your partner. Let them know that you are there for them.

It is after 11th October when you would start taking love matters seriously. You may also plan a trip abroad with your partner but it is quite possible that it could be business driven than for leisure. Frequent issues may lead to eventual loss of trust, which may not be good for your relationship. It’s time for some work-life balance. There are also chances of break up in the first half of the year and you may not handle it as easily as you think. It would ideal to pass this period peacefully to avoid any heartbreak.

The period after 11th October is favorable to start a new relationship if you are single. You may find someone attractive, calm, wealthy, intelligent and emotional. The last few months are also opportune if you wish to tie the knot but be cautious with who you choose.

The end of the year would be average in love matters. In terms of fulfillment of physical desires, you may feel somewhat dissatisfied. You may also have some anger issues, which could spoil your bond. However, if you learn to manage anger effectively, relationship would remain smooth.