Gemini – 2018 Horoscope Forecast for career, love and Marriage


2018 horoscope suggests a great year ahead. “GEMINI” You will see a lot of constructive energy coming in. A new sense of determination will be felt in how you undertake endeavors. While fortune will be dropping a lot of luck in your lap, expect a few obstacles and opposition too. Attracting prosperity will take some hard work and efforts thus. The tendency to help others is indicated this year and you might also take part in community service. However, do not make promises that you can’t stick to. Rahu is poised to give you deceptive speech. Put some forethought before you make commitments to people as it is quite likely that you may not be able to live up to their expectations. If you say you will do something, do it, maintain integrity. A careful approach is also needed in money matters as 2018 horoscope indicates problems in retrieval of money you lend.

2018 KEY PLANETARY TRANSIT result for Gemini sign

During the period from March to July, Jupiter is backtracking so you might waver in your decisions and feel double minded. It would be good to postpone any major decisions during this period. From May to Nov, some opponents might raise head and try to harm you, but Mars being exalted during this period will give you enough courage and energy to fight them off. However, caution is necessary during this period, as chances of injury exist.

Even though some minor issues would keep troubling you this year Gemini, overall, you will see a lot of positive developments, especially in professional matters. You will reach your business goals and may also welcome help from sources abroad. Your efforts will be rewarded with success and if you keep working relentlessly with patience, income and profits will mushroom too. Despite occasional unnecessary expenses, finance will be on track. People will appreciate you for your work. So one can say that despite the pace being slow, growth is assured.

Love life has some bright hopes as you might find someone special and create a lasting bond. He or she could be someone at work. This new relationship has the potential to turn into a lifetime affair. If married, expect a romantic year but towards the end of 2018 when Jupiter moves into Scorpio, some misunderstandings and arguments could take place.

Overall, 2018 will fare well for you but you might want to be a bit more cautious in terms of relationships.