Saturn Transit results for Scorpio Moon Sign

Saturn denotes permanence, productivity and perseverance. It is a taskmaster that imposes rules and restrictions in life to make you more disciplined and responsible. It represents authority and control too. Mostly delay, but at times, Saturn can also adopt denial in the process. It is a planet associated with obstacles.

Before you groan, take this into account: the sense of achievement you feel after climbing a mountain is not something that you experience everyday while treading the smooth roads. Without challenges, there is no progress. So without Saturn, there is no sense of achievement or development. Life needs structure to stay organized, and Saturn gives us that structure and order, so we don’t end up in chaos. This is why it is a key planet in Vedic Astrology and also why its transit is considered so important.

Saturn transits after almost 2.5 years, which means that it stays in one sign for this long too so the impact of Saturn transit, can be felt for a long while. To those for whom it is beneficial in the horoscope, the transit brings positive results too, slow but sure. Saturn is a planet of justice, so it has to justify the results it gives and the severity of these results is often based on your karma. In 2017, Saturn would transit from Scorpio to Sagittarius on 27th January 2017. Until 21 June, it will maintain its position in Sagittarius but thereafter, it would move back to Scorpio until 26 October. The retrogression period of Saturn would be from 6th April to 26th August 2017. Jupiter & Saturn and Rahu 2017 report may also interest you.

Scorpio, since Saturn is leaving your own sign now, the situation would be somewhat better. You could expect some mental relief and peace from now onwards. Scorpio is ruled by Mars, which shares an incompatible relationship with Saturn. And since Saturn is the lord of your third and fourth house from Moon, this transit may not be that rewarding for you. From 2nd house where Saturn is placed in your chart, it also aspects 4th, 8th and 11th house so some hardships would be there in key aspects of life
You now enter into the last phase of your Sade sati, so some relaxation would be there compared to previous years.

(As per Indian Astrology, Sade Sati is the challenging period of 7 ½ years, starting from Saturn’s entry into the sign just before your Moon sign to its exit from the sign that is after the Moon sign)

Once Jupiter also transits and enters your own sign in September, you would feel a lot more respite in all aspects of life. Due to Saturn transit, you might employ a harsh and rude speech this year. Your relationship with friends and loved ones might suffer a setback due to this. It would be best to not make commitments and promises that you cannot fulfill.

Your health may also tumble this year. Chances of hospitalization due to accident or injury are there as well so be very careful when driving. This is certainly not the period to ignore traffic ‘rules’. Improvement in business matters would be there but not as much as you expect. Occasional hurdles would be present in professional matters. We advise that you avoid starting up your own business this year or make any huge investments. It would also be wise to not incur loan or lend money to others. Indulgence in speculation could also be detrimental to your finances. You should consult your father or a senior before taking any major step in life, especially if it involves money.

Change of job should also be avoided this year, especially before September, as even after getting a new job, your sense of satisfaction would be low. Those waiting to hear the wedding bells ringing, this seems to be a favorable year. You are likely to get married with your choice and live a happy married life. you can get more from