Will you save or spend in 2017? 2017 Spending Tendency Horoscope for all Zodiac Signs

Quite often, we fall prey to our extravagant tendencies only to end up spending on the wrong thing at the wrong time.  Not only does it contribute to the unused items at your home, it also amounts to wasteful expenditure. Vedic astrology spending predictions given below for each sign enable you to avoid spending on things you don’t want or need so you can spend your hard-earned cash on more lucrative things or better, save or invest it.

Aries Spending Tendencies in 2017

Some unavoidable expenditure on religious pursuits and litigation might occur this year. Aries, you may also undertake a long distance journey. Some extravagance upon luxury items or pleasure trips is also possible, which can be avoided to keep the finances balanced or at least to save so you can spend on more inevitable undertakings.

Taurus Spending Tendencies in 2017

Taurus, you seem to be investing a lot of your time, effort and of course money in expanding your social network. These connections with eminent people nonetheless would prove rewarding in the long run so you need not be concerned about these expenses as long as you are maintaining a balance between earnings and expenditure. You may also spend on a religious cause this year.

Gemini Spending Tendencies in 2017

You would mostly be judicious in your approach towards spending your money. You would expend on immovable assets that could add to your status and standing. A huge chunk of your wealth may go into purchasing a house this year. If not, you might refurbish the existing one. Your spending on health, religious activities and work life, probably business may also increase.

Cancer Spending Tendencies in 2017

Sometimes during the year, you would spend heavily and at others, you would become frugal. Overall, expenditure would be average. You may indulge in social service and charity as well. Go ahead as long as you do have sufficient money. You may also purchase a house or car this year although chances are average. Moreover, the process of going aboard may also eat up a big bite of your budget.

Leo Spending Tendencies in 2017

Leo, you would spend a lot of money on entertainment and leisure like movies, dinners and getaways to romantic places such as a beach vacation. You may also go abroad so expect your expenses to be high.  All this would consume a lot of your savings so better be careful. You may also purchase a land or property during the period from March to April.

Virgo Spending Tendencies in 2017
You need to be very vigilant with your urge to splurge in 2017. You may end up making irrelevant purchases. Chances of foreign trips and wandering exist, which are likely to disturb your financial position for some time. This year, there also exists a strong possibility of purchasing a house or a conveyance.

Libra Spending Tendencies in 2017

While you may not spend on irrelevant things, you would nonetheless spend heavily in 2017. This is likely on account of your indulgence in religious activities or sacred ceremony/ celebration taking place such as marriage. Your expenditure would mostly be for a good cause. In fact, you may accumulate wealth by selling your property or vehicle too. Moreover, you would be able to pay your debt or loan you have previously incurred. Spending on legal matters is also possible.

Scorpio Spending Tendencies in 2017

Scorpio, you would be very frugal with your spending sprees. In fact, you would spend like a wise shopper and crack some good deals too. Wasteful expenditure is unlikely this year. Having said that, you may still spend heavily on marriage and sacred activities. Parents may also seek financial assistance from you. Some of your money would also be spent on partner and education endeavors. Nevertheless, your purchases and spending would mostly be sensible You may sell and then buy a property too.

Sagittarius Spending Tendencies in 2017

Sagittarius, some unwanted expenses might crop up in 2017 for you. Health may probably go down, and treatments may be quite expensive. Some unwanted issues may also consume your earning. That said, you would be able to spend judiciously anyways.  Be careful from June to October though, as expenses would be particularly high during this period.  You may also buy a house and car before September.

Capricorn Spending Tendencies in 2017

While there would be high expenditure, you would have some genuine reasons to spend. You are likely to stay away from reckless extravagance but may have to splurge on religious activities, pilgrimage, charity or a social cause. Health issues may cause some unwanted expenses. Moreover, you can also make a landed property in 2017. Chances of going abroad in 2017 are also high so expect to shell out a huge amount.

Aquarius Spending Tendencies in 2017

Aquarius, you would be very carious in your splurging habits and would spend wisely. Expenses would be high but reasonable. There is a chance that you may make some amendment concerning your property and even sell it. Other than this, you would also spend on familial matters and household items. You would provide financial support to family members too, especially siblings. Spending on spirituality and occultism is also possible.

Pisces Spending Tendencies in 2017

Your expenses would frequently rise and fall throughout 2017. You would be very thoughtful in your money management though. While you have been thinking to purchase a house or car lately, you would take a long time to make a decision. Your spending would mostly be on religious pursuits, marriage, career and education this year. Siblings may also need monetary support from you. Moreover, you may also spend on luxury items at times.