Where will you spend your money in 2017

Money management is important at all stages of life for everyone. There are times when we spend money on unnecessary things and regret later on. Ancient Vedic Astrology principles can be used to decipher things like where you will likely spend your money in the coming year. The predictions are based on the alignment of stars and some specific planetary positions. If you know the areas you will likely spend your money, you can prepare yourself in advance and make the right decisions for yourself.

Where will Aries spend their money in 2017?

In the year 2017, dear Aries, you will engage in humanitarian causes, and will spend on religious and virtuous pursuits. Some legal matters may come up, which might shake your finances for the time being. Spending on long distance travel and pleasure trips is also possible. Be careful while you spend money on luxurious items.

Where will Taurus spend their money in 2017?

Dear Taurus, it is a powerful and opportunity filled year for you. Much of your earnings will go into social gatherings and your efforts to connect with eminent people and scholars in your field. You will enjoy their company and gain a lot from them. There are chances of you spending money for a religious cause as well this year.

Where will Gemini spend their money in 2017?

When it comes to spending your money, you would not be reckless. In fact, you will try to keep things in control this year, dear Gemini, and that is a positive thing. You might buy a house or property this year. If not that, you would spend some money on beautifying and renovating your existing home. You could spend on your or somebody’s education. Your parents or your siblings might need financial assistance from you this year.

Where will Cancer spend their money in 2017?

Your expenditure will be high during some parts of the year and low during the other parts, dear Cancer. You will likely spend money on marriage, travelling to far off lands and luxuries. You could also decide to spend quite a lot of money on educational pursuits and humanitarian causes. One or more of your family members might need you to support them financially this year. You need to be careful, as there will be a strong tendency to waste money in gambling, dear Cancer.

Where will Leo spend their money in 2017?

Dear Leo, you like all fine and classy things in life. And this year you will be no different. There are strong chances of you spending money on luxurious items, lavish dinners, romantic weekend getaways, expensive gifts, etc. You will buy some important purchase for yourself this year. It could be related to marriage. Health could be another area that could consume your attention and resources this year.

Where will Virgo spend their money in 2017?

Your expenditures would remain high and could become a point of concern if you are not careful this year, dear Virgo. There are high chances that you will spend your money on irrelevant, unnecessary things.  You are advised to not be reckless with money. Some possible areas where you will spend money are travel, marriage, education, luxury, etc. Also, there are strong chances that you will buy a new house or a car this year.

Where will Libra spend their money in 2017?

Dear Libra, this year, you will spend a major part of your money on religious and spiritual activities, charity, humanitarian causes, etc. If you are currently under a loan or debt, you will try to repay it this year. A lot of purchases that you make will be done on good things. You might support a parent or sibling financially. Spending on educational matters is also a possibility.

Where will Scorpio spend their money in 2017?

Dear Scorpio, your expenditures will remain mostly low this year. You would manage your finances in quite a parsimonious fashion. You might sell and buy property this year. You like to go out for shopping, but would not be reckless. Most of the purchases you make will be based on smart and wise judgment.

Where will Sagittarius spend their money in 2017?

Dear Sagittarius, your expenditure will remain quite high throughout the year 2017, and will rise especially between the months of June to October. There are chances of buying property or car till September. A health issue might come up that would require your immediate financial attention. You are also prone to making unnecessary purchases this year, so watch out, dear Sagittarius.

Where will Capricorn spend their money in 2017?

Dear Capricorn, your expenditures will remain high this year. Some unwanted expensed might come up that would bother you for a long time. There are chances of you spending money for improving your health as well. You could invest in landed property this year. You are wise while spending money and will focus on buying things that you genuinely want.

Where will Aquarius spend their money in 2017?

Your expenses will keep fluctuating this year, dear Aquarius. You will be quite spendthrift throughout this year, and so you are advised to save some money whenever you can. On a positive note, most of the purchases that you make will be thoughtful and good. You will likely spend on family matters, religious pursuits and good causes as well as for travelling.

Where will Pisces spend their money in 2017?

Your expenditures will sometimes be high and sometime quite low this year, dear Pisces. These fluctuations in expenses will make it difficult for you to manage money matters. You will likely spend on marriage, family related issues, health and education. It is also possible that you will offer financial help to your siblings and parents this year, dear Pisces.