Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

(Aquarius this Month overview January 2017) January is going to be an average month for Aquarius owing to the mental dilemmas you January face. You would have an unstable mind and a wavering judgment, which January make it difficult for you to make sound decisions. Nevertheless, you could expect support from siblings when in need. Since your decision-making potential is irresolute this month, any major changes should best be avoided, or made with proper caution and advice, if at all. Situation however is likely to improve after 10th January when Jupiter starts its direct motion.

You January also feel a bit tensed due to family issues or unwanted disputes and estrangement with spouse. You January focus a lot on work and January even become workaholic, which could have adverse affects on your health. Social status would possibly rise, especially after 10th January. You would make new friends and get along well with people. A past love affair January also reignite.

Career: You would really hit it off at the workplace this month, with lots of hard work, concentration and energy in place. Though you January end up being a workaholic, all this hard work will pay off and you would reap benefits of your labor. You would share a good rapport with teammates and could expect support from them when in need. All you need to do is avoid getting involved in controversies and gossips and you will be in your seniors’ good books.

Love and marriage: First three weeks will be average in love matters, but as Mercury resumes its direct motion, the doors would open to a blissful relationship. After 22nd January, you could expect to spend some memorable time with your partner. During the first three weeks though, you need to keep away from any arguments or harsh words that January spoil the ecstatic love you could experience in the last phase. Marriage matters however will be on the rocks. Some relief is expected after 10th January when Jupiter is direct. Overall, you need to be cautious, especially regarding the health of spouse.

Money and finance: It January not be the best time to take any major money-related decisions, be it expenditure or investments. There could be some gains after 10th January, but you need to work hard. After 22nd January though, you could expect some good news. This could be a bit challenging month in monetary aspects.

Children and student: January is a positive month for children. They will feel at their best, energetic and comfortable. Those studying will spare no efforts and work hard, and ultimately get benefits too. Exam results would be good as well. Overall, January seems to be a constructive month for children and students.

Health and family: Personal health will remain above average and you would feel full of life. After 14th January however, you January suffer from some weaknesses. A word to the wise is to avoid being a workaholic, as overstressing could lead to bigger health hazards you shall best stay away from. Domestic life could be chaotic due to frequent clashes and disputes. You should try to avoid any confrontations with family members and keep anger at bay to keep domestic life balanced.