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21 October 2016
Today, some expenditures related to your home might be possible. You had to take proper care of your children and your health too. Try to maintain harmony in your marital matters. Profession wise as well, you might over-exert yourself and thus take care of your health at your workplace too.

22 October 2016
Today, again expenditures might be there relating to your home. Try to drive your vehicle carefully else injury might be possible as period is not good as such. Take proper care of your children and your health too. Try to maintain harmony back home. At professional level, try to stick to plan as how you will clear all back logs or will handle work pressure.

23 October 2016
Today, you will start a day on optimistic note or you might feel calm and composure, but you had to keep this memento going as you had to look at all areas simultaneously be it is managing your child, marital life, health or your professional life. Obstructions will come in your important work, thus remain agile and focus. Take care of your valuables too.

24 October 2016
You might feel tired as well due to pressures from all ends on to you. At work place, work pressures will mount on to you and on the family front as well, things will remain tougher which might give you aggression thus stay calmer in your family for the sake of family happiness as well as for your better health. Drive and walk carefully else you can get injuries.

25 October 2016
Today, your focus might shift on to managing your investments. Past investments made might give you better returns and it will be a better time to make new investments, but do read all points carefully before signing any documents and avoid investing in real estate as of now. If investing in riskier instruments, then do take care and take the path of SIP for investment.

26 October 2016
Today, you might find difficult balancing your personal and professional life as both areas will demand your attention. You had to control your aggression in both these areas and should remain calm such that you can handle both areas with ease. Overall, health and child front too will demand your attention which you had to take care of.

27 October 2016
Today, again things will be quite tougher for you to manage be, it is your personal or professional life or it is your health or child related matters. Obstructions might also come to you, which might make you depressed and thus take proper care while driving or walking.

28 October 2016
Today, you had to work on your communication levels, such that no confusion or fog should come either in your family or in your professional life. You had to look after your child as well and get mixed up with them such that they do not feel neglected or isolated. On the health front as well, take proper care and try to avoid aggression especially at your work place.

29 October 2016
Today, again, it would be the time to look out and work on to your communication. Don’t hesitate to discuss things such that confusions can be avoided. Try to take care of your child health and look after his/her studies too. On the health front too, take a balanced diet and home made food. In marital matters, avoid issues that can disrupt harmony back home. At professional level, due to excessive work load, you might get tired by the end of the day.

30 October 2016
Today, your focus might get shifted to managing your home front which you can handle better when you remain composed and calmer. Try to avoid aggression and communicate fully and take decisions collectively. At health front, try to avoid too much oil, salt and sugar. At professional front, remain focused and committed, but do not over-exert yourself.

31 October 2016
Today, again things will remain quite tougher for you at personal and professional level. Some issues in your marital life might raise your aggression whereas putting the proper focus at your professional front will not be easy either. Both the fronts will require calmness from your end.

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Cancer 2017 horoscope for Business Dear Cancer, you will see positive growth and development in your business this year. You will feel determined, industrious and resourceful this year and any sincere effort you put in your business this year will bring you great success. Having said that, there is a risk of you getting trapped in unfair activities this year. Be careful, dear Cancer.

2017 career Horoscope for Dear Cancer, the year 2017 is a year of opportunities. Much can be accomplished if you keep a check on your cranky behavior and mood swings. The time period from June to September is filled with a lot of challenges. Still, with your hard work and determination, you can conquer just anything and anyone. It is possible that you would feel unvalued and unappreciated at work. Instead of taking haste decisions, you need to think through everything carefully. A rise in salary is expected for some Cancer natives. You need to hold back your complaints and remain polite with seniors during the months of March, April and December. Everything looks decently good on the career front, dear Cancer.

Finance horoscope 2017 For Cancer, it is a highly positive time period for you, dear Cancer, mostly if you are involved in a business. However, if you work for someone or are doing a job, you will also benefit from this lucky trend. The most lucky time periods for making a change in your professional life would be from February to May and then in November and December this year. These are also good for making investments. Do not trust business partners without doing your research and background checks.

2017 Love and Relationship Horoscope for Cancer, this year 2017 is a crucial year for love and relationships. Just as the year begins, you will feel stressed out and restless due to a challenging love matter. Try not to solve everything at once and give things space and time. Once you get past this time, the coming months will be full of opportunities and happiness. There are chances of an exciting yet secret and clandestine love affair too in your life this year, dear Cancer. From the month of June till October, you will feel a general dissatisfaction with the way things go in your relationship. However, after the end of the month of October, this trend will fade away, dear Cancer, and you will feel contented. Also, if you are single and looking for love, there are high chances of marriage this year, especially before September.

Cancer Health Horoscope 2017 would be an average year when it comes to your health and well being, dear Cancer. It is highly likely that you will face suffer from a disease that will be serious and long term in nature. Your immunity might be weak and you would be susceptible to diseases. Guard yourself against allergies, inflammation, eye problems, respiratory disorders and poor functioning of the lower abdomen, especially the gastric tract.

2017 Children Horoscope for Cancer in the beginning of 2017, children would feel somewhat irritated, and possible reason could be their falling health. Moreover, don’t expect them to follow your commands obediently. There is no need to scold or pressurize as their behavior would improve gradually. Take good care of them.

Cancer Student Horoscope at the start of 2017, Cancer students may not perform well due to falling concentration and focus in studies. Their progress would be slow and steady. Occasionally, they would be quite determined and ambitious too. You are likely to see unexpected results this year.

Advice for Cancer in in the year 2017, you might find yourself facing a heightened need of sexual and bodily pleasures. While your sensuality may catch the attention of many people, it can also lead to troubles if you are not careful. You will also feel super critical of things and people around you. Do not say anything mindlessly as your brutal remarks can damage close friendships.