Cancer Monthly Horoscope

(Cancer this Month overview January 2017) Planetary arrangement suggests that January is going to be a stimulating yet demanding month for Cancer. On a personal level, you will feel happy and at your best. And in the family matters, harmony will prevail despite occasional disputes and issues. You will step up on the professional ladder too as indicate the stars. This month however does not seem to be satisfactory for students and income prospects. The first few days will be particularly difficult in monetary terms, as income will fluctuate. Moreover, your relationship with spouse is also likely to suffer due to uncalled for disputes and disagreements. Level of irritation and aggression January rise that January barricade your way to domestic happiness.

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But don’t worry as fortune will begin favoring you again after 10th January when Jupiter resumes direct motion. And after 14th January when Sun changes its sign, you would observe a subsequent rise in income as well. Nevertheless, this placement January also lead to clashes in the relationship, thus caution is needed.

Career: Your career is likely to bloom this month, so make sure you pour enough water of hard work to ensure consistent growth. A wave of enthusiasm will reign over your words and actions, and you will face obstacles in a calm and wise manner. Your performance would be exceptional while your efforts would be recognized and awarded too. After 10th January when Jupiter is no longer retrograde, you will experience Jupiter’s blessing of fortune too. Your egoistic side January however show up at work, which could be hurtful to your rapport with colleagues, so be alert and thoughtful of how you come off.

Love and marriage: Things on the love front are likely to take a turn for the worse, so you should be careful of what you say and do. Mars and Saturn are retrograde and conjunct in your 5th house. This is the period to help the relationship ‘survive’ than ‘flourish’. Avoid confrontations when you can and deal with your partner in a mature manner, keeping anger at bay. This is not a favorable time to take the relationships to the next level or expect much in love matters.

Money and Finance: Things on the monetary front could be problematic as you January feel a little down on luck during first few days. Once Jupiter turns direct on 10th January, you could expect slight improvement. Nevertheless, overall, this month is likely to be challenging, as income January not be steady. Any new investment is roll of the dice. Try not to make a risky attempt, as chances of incurring loss are high.

Student and Children: Students January have a hard time in studies due to lack of concentration. In addition, you would observe irritability and erratic behavior, and find them difficult to discipline. The situation January prevail for the whole month, thus plan ahead to deal with kids cautiously.

Family and Health: The positive placement of planets in terms of domestic bliss will continue to bring harmony and happiness in family. The atmosphere at home will remain constructive and content. In addition, health would be average too.