Cancer Monthly Horoscope

(Cancer September horoscope ) September 2017 would be a positive month for you. You will find the recent fluctuations in temperament, difficulties in reconciling with situations around you would give way to a happier and a more stable period after the 6th September 2017. Overall you will still remain prone to speaking or writing things which could inflame others. A high amount of caution is required in that area. Mind has been very aggressive for some time now and will remain so till the 14th September 2017. 15th September 2017 onwards improvements will come in although you will continue to speak sharply and aggressively.

Family matters would be better. There would be growth in professional areas. Home and love related matters will become more stable after the 6th September 2017 when Venus resumes direct motion. The Solar Eclipse on the 12th September 2017 will takes place in your house of family and wealth that could spoil family matters and finances for the next few months. Be careful.

Career: Career would be positive as you will remain focused in what you do. Financial gains in professional matters would rise tremendously after the 15th September 2017. Expenses and investments at work would be high. Work environment would be positive. There would be happy trends overall. Team and colleagues would do well but you should avoid verbal conflict. Some issues and controversies could rise after the 18th September 2017 so be very careful in what you say and speak.

Love and Marriage: Love life would be very positive after the 6th September 2017. You would be high on sex appeal and socially it would be a very positive time. Existing relationships would remain aggressive till the 14th September 2017 and become better thereafter. Marriage matters would be positive but there could be some pessimism and lack of clarity regarding future. Avoid verbal conflict as much as possible.

Money and Finances: Money matters would improve this month although expenses will still remain very high. There would be growth and gains after the 15th September 2017 but liquidity would be poor in the second half of the month. Income will be good throughout the month. Investments should be handled with care. Speculation of any sort should be totally avoided.

Students and Children: Students have a positive month. Learning abilities would be high. Exam results also would be very good. Children related matters would be average. There could be aggression with children but improvements will come in as the month goes by. Family life relating to children could be a bit aggressive after the 15th September 2017.

Health and Family: Family life would be much better this month. Overall you could remain aggressive with family after the 15th September 2017 so be careful and don’t get into any conflict. Health will be positive. Minor injuries and some pressure regarding hypertension could be present however.