Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

(Capricorn this Month overview January 2017) Capricorn Moon Sign natives would have a laser-like focus towards earning more and achieving your ambitions and goals in life. Nothing could deter you, and you January even over-work your brain and be workaholic, which could be damaging to health though. You will feel very encouraged, energized, and active than before, yet aggression and irritability while dealing with people could pose hurdles. Though you will outdo enemies, eclipse competition and win over opponents, you need to keep calm and avoid aggressive outbursts or quarrels to have a stable time.

You need to be cautious as stars indicate you are susceptible to accidents. Earning will be satisfactory throughout but you need to keep your communication under watch as harsh words and arguments could lead to troubles. You January even have thoughts of having a foreign trip. Overall, this is a good month for Capricorn with occasional challenges that you will overcome with your ironclad will and hard work.

Career: This is a favorable time for career prospects as you would feel confident and work hard to achieve your goals. You would get benefits of your efforts too. However, communication could be an issue. You need to be calm and keep your temper in control when dealing with seniors or boss. Rest, this is a positive period in terms of career growth and peace at workplace.

Love and marriage: You could face troubles in love matters, as chances of unwanted disputes and arguments are there. Nevertheless, circumstances would improve after 19th January and you are likely to greet waves of romance in the ocean of your love relationship. This is the time to spend some memorable moments with your partner, provided you are cautious of your profusion of sensuality. For marriage matters, luck is in favor as bliss and harmony will be there.

Money and finance: it seems like this month you have the blessings of Plutus, the Greek God of Money & Wealth as money matters will not be much of a concern. You would earn a good sum of money throughout, but mostly after 19th January. And with Mercury’s reversal to its direct motion on 22nd January, your financial state will further boost up. If you are considering new investments, it is best if you can withhold until 19th January. Proper caution is anyways required in investment matters throughout.

Children and student: January does not seem to be too kind to children, especially on the health front. They January behave erratic and January not listen to elders due to irritability. Those studying will also experience lack of interest and concentration. It is time for moms to pull up the socks and get ready to handle tantrums and tetchiness. Exam results though seem to be average.

Health and family: Personal health will be average, but some unexpected health hazards January keep you bothered throughout. You January be prone to accidents so caution is required. You could however heave a sigh of relief after 10th January as Jupiter recommences its direct motion. Family life will be harmonious and peaceful. You January get to have a good time with family members.