Will your child make a mark in studies in 2017?

The focus of modern child psychology concerning education is “parental pressure and student stress”. However, if you get to the depth of the matter and listen to the plight of a few parents, you would realize that it is often times the other way round “students’ pressure and parents stress”. The school fees, the tuition dues, keeping up with the diary, stationary demands for projects, art supplies, PTMs, work-life balance, academic performance, extra-curricular participation, there is so much that parents have to keep up with. This is why we have come up with some predications concerning your child’s education so you can take a deep breath and enjoy life too. Here is what you should brace yourself for in 2017.


If your child is an Aries Moon Sign, you could expect their wisdom to improve. However, they may refrain from utilizing this intellect much. You may also get to hear teachers’ complaints concerning your child’s noncompliant behavior. This is where you need to work together. Situation would be much better post September 2017. Despite all these glitches, exam scores would be positive this year.


Your Taurus child would be all motivated to learn and gain new skills and expertise. They would get ample motivation and support from their teachers and mentors as well. All this would pump up their overall academic development. Their concentration level would also improve significantly in 2017.


Gemini students would not refrain from toiling hard to improve their performance, but somehow, their efforts would lack direction. Things would take a turn for the better as September approaches, bringing focus and dedication back. Be more vigilant to their performance until then.


While your Cancer child may disappoint a little in the beginning, most probably on account of lack of focus, there would be slow but sure progress in their performance nonetheless. Sometimes, you would see spike in their determination and ambition and at others, they would seem low and uninterested. Results would be contrary to your expectations.


Your Leo student would be a real eager beaver this year, enthusiastic to learn and study all the time. This spark of interest in learning and education would apparently lead to better academic performance. Leo students would be able to disentangle the knots that have been troubling their education endeavors. They would be able to set aside distractions and carve out their path to success.


Your Virgo child may be quite crabby and touchy this year, but this is unlikely to affect their studies negatively. Some anguish and distress would be there in life, but you could definitely look forward to a good period between June and September. Exam results would be satisfactory.


Libra students would get recognition for their sincere efforts. Having said that, parents should pay attention to their health to keep them capable enough to achieve that level. Their hard work would lead to positive exam results too.


Scorpio students would not refrain from going the extra mile to achieve the desired results. Due to this sense of dedication and passion, they are likely to make a mark this year. This sincerity towards studies would persist throughout 2017.


2017 doesn’t seem to be too rewarding in terms of studies for Sagittarius. And this is mostly due to lack of direction and focus. They would however regain their attentiveness post September. If right amount of efforts would be made, success is sure to come in 2017.


Students born with Moon in Capricorn would shoot for the stars in academics. Their devotion and sincerity is likely to take them somewhere in 2017. The period from June to September requires caution from your end, as they may get distracted.


Performance of Aquarius natives would be satisfactory overall. They may however face issues with completion of tasks and concentration during the period from Feb to May and November to end of 2017. You could help them stay focused but do not push them much during these periods. They are most likely to cover up for the loss during rest of the year. And as stars suggest, their score in exams would be positive this year.


Pisces students may struggle to focus initially in the year but there would be gradual progress in their studies. They would become more dedicated towards improving their performance over time. Their interest in studies would also spark off. And to top it all, results would not disappoint either.