Gemini Monthly Horoscope

(Gemini this Month overview January 2017) The month of January could be a little complicated and challenging for Gemini, especially on the health front. You January have to witness conflicts and disputes, especially in love relationships. You would feel mental anguish, which could lead to rise in aggression and conflicts. Exercising caution and acting mature could help you avoid unwanted clashes. It would be in your best interest to not indulge in any unlawful activities or discords with people, as legal matters could crop up.

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Jupiter is retrograde until 10th January; afterwards, there would be some improvement in situation. Once Jupiter is direct, you could expect rise in income too. Luck would also favor you thereafter. Moreover, love and marital life would also be back on track gradually. Here is a detailed horoscope analysis for the month of January for Gemini.

Career: Until 10th of January, life would be demanding and tough on the career front. You need to establish good relations with colleagues, as there is a possibility of clashes. You January consistently have to face roadblocks on the path to success as problems January persist. However, once Jupiter turns direct from 10th January, you could observe significant improvement.

Money and Finance: This month, you will dedicatedly focus on making more money but with considerable efforts. Your earnings will be good this month. However, problems could block your way after 14th of January, as your efforts January not turn out to be fruitful afterwards. When it comes to making new investments however, it is quite a favorable period. Caution is yet required, thus do not put all your eggs in one basket.

Love and Marriage: This is a pleasant and positive period for those in love. You could expect moments of intense romance and create memories to cherish. However, for marriage matters, this January not be the most favorable time, especially until 10th January. Chances of disputes, arguments, and disagreements are high, thus you should keep calm. Afterwards, once Jupiter is direct, some improvement will be there.

Children and Student: This month will turn out to be an average one for children in terms of studies. They January also behave erratic and a little naughty, thus would lack focus and direction. Despite that, the exam results would be satisfactory. You are likely to share a good rapport and understanding with kids which will keep the atmosphere at home calm and content mostly.

Health and Family: Gemini January have to suffer on the health front as the stars indicate. Planetary position is indicative of the possibility of ailments relating to inflammation, infection and abdomen. Domestic life will be stable and calm without any major disagreements or developments in family matters.  Keep anger at bay and level of irritation under control to make the family life positive and happy.

Remedy: Cosmic placement indicates that you should try to keep your mind balanced and calm during this period. And the best remedial measure that is in line with principles of Vedic astrology would be to meditate twice a day. This will help you keep your mind off clutter and unnecessary anguish.