Will Jupiter transit in 2017 turn out well for you?

Jupiter is a slow moving planet, as it takes around 12 years to complete one circle of the Zodiac belt, spends around 1 whole year in a single sign. While it is considered the most benefic planet in Vedic Astrology and concerns itself with expansion, its transit does not always yield only positive results. If it happens to join an enemy planet or gets a malefic aspect, things can go wrong too. In 2017, Jupiter will transit from Virgo into Libra on 12th September. Venus, which is the lord of Libra is inimical towards Jupiter. Since both the planets represent wealth and education, the transit can have crucial impact upon key aspects of your life so here is a detailed overview of Jupiter transit in 2017 for all signs.

Aries:  The beginning of the year is progressive in terms of business and job but you might face a chronic health disease from February to June. During this period, you may not face many hurdles at work. You may struggle to get a job too. And if you have been trying to go abroad, the process wouldn’t be smooth either. Income may also drop while expenses would rise. The last quarter of the year would be much better as Jupiter transits to Libra in September. You would eventually recover in terms of health and may earn profits.

Taurus: Jupiter will move into your 6th house from Moon in September. While you could expect progress throughout the year, the period from February to May would be slow, especially in education and children matters. Luck may not favour you much during this period. After May, you would be able to pay off debt and loan and get some respite in health matters too. If you try to keep your bonding with spouse intact, things would be smooth in domestic matters. After September, chances of promotion are there on the horizon.

Gemini: As the year begins, Jupiter is placed in your 4th house of domestic comfort. Planetary movement would pose some hurdles concerning property or vehicle. You may also change your line of work. If efforts are made, inheritance from father is in the cards too. Inflow of money does not seem to be sufficient so better control your expenses. The period after September when Jupiter transit takes place brings good profit and income. You would be able to complete your undertakings without much effort. You may also get married this year.

Cancer: Jupiter is in your 3rd house as 2017 kicks off. Good marriage prospects exist for you in the beginning of the year. Fortune would also render full support. Issues in marriage matters may occur from February to May. And after September, workload may be high but that could also boost your income too. You may go abroad this year and are likely to spend luxuriously, such as on branded clothes and accessories.

Leo: Until September, Jupiter is placed in your 2nd house. This position is favourable for income prospects. You would get a good salary package at work. However, you may end up making wrong choices in career after February due to your harsh manner and anger. You may have to re-sit an exam too. The period after September has good marriage prospects. You would get a well-matched proposal and may even get hitched this year. This period is also opportune for your financial position. With own efforts, you would be able to get desired results.

Virgo: Jupiter is placed in your own sign in the beginning of the year. This placement suggests strong progeny possibilities for you. And those unmarried can look forward to get a partner of their choice this year. After February, you may switch your subject of study following parental guidance. In fact, you should take your father’s advice to make the best choices. Luck doesn’t seem to favour your judgment much. The period after September is positive if you want to sit in competitive examinations. Some of you may also start a business of their own or get a promotion.

Libra: Jupiter is placed in your 12th house until September 2017. As the year kicks off, you are likely to get respite from a chronic disease or dispute troubling you lately. After February, you may take up a short trip, but it may not turn out to be profitable. The period after August would bring success in education and progeny matters. You would have a healthy child, if such plans were there. Those unmarried may fall in love and tie the knot this year. Fortune would be on your side and you may land a promotion too.

Scorpio: Jupiter is placed in your 11th house until September and it may make you travel for work or study. After February, you may change your subject of study too. Scorpio natives would get married if want. And if you are engaged, you may experience separation or break up. You may in fact get engaged to someone else thereafter. During the period after September, expenses may be high. You need to be cautious in money matters and save as much as possible, at least until November.

Sagittarius: Jupiter is placed in your 10th house so this year is highly favourable for your professional endeavours. You would observe good progress in career until March. Afterwards, you may switch your job or change your line of work if in business. You may also change your residence and conveyance, but the decision may not be as favorable as expected. Those studying may get dissatisfactory results in competitive exams and may have to re-sit. After September, you might go somewhere close by to relax and enjoy, may be a weekend getaway.

Capricorn: Jupiter is placed in your 9th house from Moon. This planetary position commands you to control your speech. Mental stress and headaches may adversely affect your health this year. Your siblings would bring some profit to you and after September, there would be a rise in your income as well. You would observe success in competition. You would be able to exercise your charm on seniors and get relief in loan and debt matters. The year will wind up with a good job opportunity in hand.

Aquarius: Jupiter is placed in your 8th house from Moon sign. Those involved in research would fetch positive results in 2017.  You may relocate after February, but may not be happy with your decision later and soon thereafter; you may change your residence again. The period after September is positive in terms of exam results and education matters. Your desire to have a child would be fulfilled too.

Pisces: Placement of Jupiter in 7th house from Moon would begin the year on a positive note in terms of finance. You may however suffer from liver or stomach related problem this year. Relationship with spouse may sour after February due to recurrent disputes. Problems with siblings are also possible, especially younger ones. After September, you may go abroad or indulge in some research project.