Leo Monthly Horoscope

(Leo this Month overview January 2017) Continuing with the spirit of over-active previous month, January will bring mixed results for Leo. Luck will favor you in the first half of the month despite some challenges which you January face due to planetary placement including Sun changing its sign on 14th January. But you need to continue putting in your best efforts. You could see a rise in aggression and irritation factor going up this month due to Saturn-Mars combination. This could hamper your rapport with family members and even colleagues. This is the time to be cautious of what you say, as your expression is largely governed by anger. Due to Rahu-Ketu axis, you could get into an over thinking mode, not able to get the required clarity in the area of work.

The situation will improve to a great extent as Jupiter turns moving direct. This will bring your luck factor back. Things from then onwards would begin to improve. Love and martial life will again see moments of spark. Students will observe rise in concentration in studies and education matters in general will flourish. Income will also amplify steadily.

Career: This is the time to get into the groove at the work front. You will get opportunities to show your potential and overall, this will be a productive and fruitful time for Leo. Things will be much smooth at the workplace, especially after 14th January. Then onwards, your career is likely to rise. There could however be some confrontations at workplace, thus take a cautious approach in dealing with people and how much information you reveal to others. Avoid any controversies and things will turn out fine in the month of January.

Love & Marriage: A little challenging before 10th January, thereafter, happiness and romance will follow in love matters. You January even have thoughts of strengthening your bond and taking your relationship to the next level.  Married couples need to be careful, as it is not a favorable period. Unwanted disputes and power struggle could spoil the bond between you two. It is better to avoid any confrontations.

Money & Finance:  Initially, inflow of the money would not be satisfactory, thus you need to put in extra efforts. Income will steadily rise though, especially after 22nd January. Afterwards, you could expect to earn well. Avoid any new investments at least until 10th January. Once Jupiter is direct, you could consider making new investments but with utmost care.

Student and Children: This month, children will feel a little chaotic and lack focus in studies in the first few days. Situation will however improve once Jupiter resorts to direct motion after 10th January. Students expecting results will get average score before 22nd January, after which the results would be satisfactory.

Family and Health: Cosmic placement suggests average health and energy level for you especially until 14th January. Thereafter, you could expect to greet minor health ailments relating to stomach. For family matters, it is going to be a period of disturbances due to illness or conflicts. To keep the domestic environment calm and composed, you need to be cautious of any alarming controversies.