Libra Monthly Horoscope

(Libra this Month overview January 2017) Dear Libra, January would be an average but stable month for you. You will be polite and function at your best, as health will be satisfactory. Once Jupiter is back to its direct motion on 10th January, you could expect long distance travel too. On the flip side, you January have to face challenges in family matters this month due to Mars-Saturn combination. Nevertheless, this planetary conjunction could also improve your financial state. You need to be especially cautious after 14th January regarding money matters. Sun’s transit to the new sign is indicative of sudden loss or decline in income and at the same time, January also affect the conduct of spouse negatively. Spouse January behave bitter and egoistic, thus power struggle January arise. You need to deal with it cautiously. Retaliation is definitely not the best approach this month.

You would feel extra romantic and until 19th January, things with spouse will be smooth and passionate. This is certainly the time to whisper sweet nothings in your partner’s ear. Thereafter when Venus changes its sign, it January affect your health and marital life.

Career: You will feel active and determined at the workspace and put your best foot forward. However, your efforts would pay off after 10th January once Jupiter is direct and luck would start favoring you. Colleagues are likely to lend a supporting hand. But you need to be especially cautious with the way you deal with your seniors & people in authority as there could be a possibility of clashes. Overall, this is a positive period in terms of professional growth.

Love and marriage: Love life would be a little chaotic as you January struggle to handle your amalgamation of negative and positive thoughts. Marriage matters will be good in the first half of the month. But after Venus’ transition, things could be a little troublesome, as there could be fights over difference of opinions.

Money and finance: Despite the hurdles that you January have to face, inflow of money will be satisfactory. But after 14th January, you need to be cautious as there is a probability of sudden decline in income. Overall, however, this would be a positive month in terms of financial matters. Avoiding any new investments is in your best interest due to chances of incurring loss.

Student and children: Children January not feel that comfortable this month. You need to pay extra attention. After 10th January however, there could be some improvement. Those studying January observe lack of concentration and focus, which could cause troubles in studies. Exam results will be average though.

Family and Health: Personal health will be fine, but after 19th January, extra caution is required, as minor health issues could surface. Family life would largely be content, but there could be frequent conflicts that January keep you bothered. This is the time to stay calm and composed and avoid any confrontations to establish a peaceful atmosphere at home.