Pisces Monthly Horoscope

(Pisces this Month overview January 2017) January would be a positive month for you. Despite occasional hurdles and issues, luck will continue to favor you in all areas of life. Blessing of fortune will help you get past the hurdles. Unexpected gains are possible this month, so keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best. You January get money from litigation and other disputes too.  A long journey is on the cards as well. You are likely to feel sociable and January make new friends in January. However, your health January suffer throughout, with slight improvement after 10th January once Jupiter resumes its direct motion.

You might need to pay special attention to your father’s health, which could suffer a setback due to Mars-Saturn combination. You will however, get good support from siblings. All the struggle, hardship and competition you have to undergo at the professional level will pay-off in form of success in endeavors. After 22nd January, you could expect cash flow from property too.

Career: Career front will be average until 10th January, and thereafter, you would observe considerable positive progress. All your efforts and hard work will pay off, especially once Jupiter resumes direct motion. Overall, January is going to be a productive month in terms of career prospects.

Love and marriage: For those in love, it is a good phase to indulge in romantic moments. You January get to spend a lot of quality time with partner. Married couples though January face trouble due to spouse’s health, which could be a major cause of concern. Issues and disputes with spouse could also spoil the bonding, thus be cautious.

Money and finance: First half of the month will be good in terms of inflow of money, as you would earn well. Money will consistently flow in until 14th January; afterwards, there could be a slight downward trend possible for some time. After 22nd January, you would again see positive changes and your financial graph would rise. It is a favorable time for new investments as well.

Children and student: Children will be comfortable and content during this month and January share a friendly bond and understanding with parents. Students are likely to perform exceptionally well and could expect good results in exams too. Overall, this is a positive and happy period for children and students and for parents to build a good rapport with their kids.

Health and family: Health issues January keep you troubled throughout the month. A little improvement however could be seen after 10th January. You January have to suffer on the health front but family will be supportive throughout. Harmony and peace will prevail in domestic life.