The Most Crucial Planetary Transits in 2017

2017 is just round the corner! This year would be marked by some major planetary transits. People since ancient times have used planetary transits to prepare a strategy to mitigate the negative influence and lead an anxiety-free life. Out of all, the most crucial planetary transits in 2017 are of the slow-moving planets, as their impact can be felt for long but that doesn’t mean that we should ignore the short-span transits.

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Saturn Transit 2017: Saturn is a slow-moving but powerful planet. Its change of sign shakes things up in life! Saturn changes sign after every 2.5 years and takes around 30 years to travel through the zodiac. This year, Saturn would move to Sagittarius on 26th January 2017 from when it begins its 2.5 years journey in the sign. Saturn is moving into the sign of Jupiter. While Saturn and Jupiter belong to two different camps, this placement is still comfortable as Saturn is neutral towards Jupiter.

Sagittarius, the zodiac Signs is associated with justice, honesty and integrity, and Saturn is also the karaka of righteousness and discipline too. This placement would really invoke a sort of fear in people, of actions and their repercussion, of doing right & wrong. Saturn is also called the planet of reclusion and Jupiter is spirituality, so Saturn transit in 2017 would naturally incline people towards spirituality and religion. A lot depends on how it is placed in your horoscope. Its malefic presence could cause turbulence in life while if positively placed, it might bring your life back on track like a guiding spirit.

Jupiter Transit 2017: Jupiter is in Virgo and would move to Libra, the sign of balance on 12th September 2017. Jupiter would also be retrograde from 6th February 2017 to 9th June 2017. While Jupiter is a benefic planet, the results of its transit may differ from person to person depending upon its placement in your birth chart.

Jupiter’s aspect is considered a lot more favorable than its position in a house. Libra is the 7th sign. Some minor problems may persist for married couples this year. However, Jupiter transit in 2017 is favorable for progress in career. It would also boost performance & growth in studies and business.  Jupiter is likely to bless people with more wisdom and judgment to strike a balance in life and take projects from the ground up. In a nutshell, Jupiter in Libra can show you the right path but what that path is depends upon the placement of planets in your horoscope.

Rahu Transit 2017: Rahu would transit into Cancer on 21st August 2017. Since it is transiting in retrograde motion, it would move back from Leo to Cancer.  Rahu transit in 2017 is likely to play with your emotional stability. Too much thinking, irresolution, indecisiveness and negativity might persist this year after transit. There are astrological remedies you could consider based on the planetary circumstances in your individual horoscope. Rahu transit in 2017 is favorable for those planning to go abroad. The period after transit is also good to indulge in your hobbies.

Ketu Transit 2017: Rahu and Ketu move together, always across from each other. At the same time, as Rahu, Ketu would also move from Aquarius to Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn. Ketu transit in 2017 is likely to trigger a lot of changes in your life. You might feel like bringing change to your workplace or the way you work. You might start looking for innovative ways to do the same old things. Determination would improve. Ketu transit in 2017 would also promote movement and wandering. People would be more inclined towards social indulgence & service than personal matters. Having said that, a lot also depends on the position of your natal planets. Other than these key transits, other planets would also continue to change signs throughout 2017.

Mars Transit 2017: would be combust for quite a long while this year, from 31st May to 17th September. This period would be marked by loss of energy, courage, and risk-taking attitude. You might feel lethargic and overly cautious.

Mercury Transit 2017: would be retrograde quite a few times, during which you might feel a sense of double-mindedness in everything. Your decision-making ability could suffer. You may change courses or get distracted in studies too.

Venus Transit 2017: would turn retrograde from 4th March to 15th April 2017. This retrograde motion could cause problems in married life, extra marital affairs, and roadblocks in getting married for singles. Venus in fact would also be combust this year, from 29th November into the next year. This could affect your ability to make an impression on others. Loss of confidence & attraction is possible. This is not a good period for married couples either.