The Most Crucial Results of Rahu Transit 2017

Rahu, the dragon’s head is not an actual planet in the sky. It is a reference point. However, its influence is the most profound among all celestial bodies. In 2017, Rahu would be placed in Leo, and would move to Cancer on 9th September 2017. This is going to be a crucial time, bringing many changes, especially transforming your mindset in key aspects of life. Here is how it is going to affect different signs in 2017.

Rahu in Aries: Until September, Rahu would be in your 5th house from where Moon is positioned. Until then, you would observe a lot of confusions and lack of peace of mind. These doubts would mostly affect your love life. Students may not get to choose a subject they want. But positively, planetary position suggests improvement in health this year. Mother’s health may be under the radar of the planets thus take care, especially towards the end of 2017.

Rahu in Taurus: Rahu is in your 4th house of domestic happiness so you may observe disputes and conflicts at home. However, this is a perfect year to have a healthy baby, if applicable. Aggression and ego should be curtailed to have a smooth year. After September, planets would favour your business related endeavours and you would make good profits.

Rahu in Gemini: Rahu is in your 3rd house which is a positive placement. If you put in efforts, success would come your way. You may either get a better job or a promotion this year. You might in fact buy your own house too. However, problems in married life may persist this year due to Rahu. You should strictly avoid being harsh with those you love towards the end of the year.

Rahu in Cancer:  Rahu is in your 2nd house and it is likely to affect your health adversely this year. There is no point breaking someone’s trust so do not make any false promises. You should also refrain from anger to keep relationships smooth. Confusion and indecisiveness would be at peak after September so be cautious. Those looking to get hitched would marry someone of their choice thereafter.

Rahu in Leo: Rahu is in Leo so expect a lot of confusion in 2017. Your income would grow as the year begins but work pressure would also increase at the same time, which may lead to thoughts of switching job. The period from August until the end of 2017 has good marriage prospects. You might also travel to a foreign country after September.

Rahu in Virgo: Rahu is in your 12th house until September 2017. You would feel quite relaxed and at peace until then. You might indulge in an inter-caste relationship but it might not fructify into marriage, not in 2017 at least. Some conflict with family might take place too. However, you would do well financially, particularly after September, as income is likely to increase after that. You might get promoted too. Your competitive spirit would help you succeed.

Rahu in Libra: Rahu is in your 11th house, positioned to give you a pleasant time and success in 2017. Chances of increase in income and gains are possible this year if you make efforts. Rahu does not give you another shot. You have to hit it right the first time so it is important to value the opportunities it brings.  Anger issues may pose hurdles this year and could affect your relationship with loved ones and others.

Rahu in Scorpio: Rahu is in your 10th house until September. You need to be careful of mysterious friends as they might plan a conspiracy against you. You also need to improve your understanding with spouse. Business would bring a lot of growth and profits. Chances of a religious trip are possible in 2017, especially nearing the end.

Rahu in Sagittarius: Rahu is in your 9th house until September. It would be better to not squander your resources and money. It isn’t a bad year for finances but a cautious approach is necessary. Business would progress further as the year begins. Sagittarius students would be able to opt for growth-oriented field of study. This is a positive period for married couples too. Singles might also hear the wedding bells ringing and marry a person of their choice. Health issues might persist from September to November but overall, this is a pleasant year.

Rahu in Capricorn: Rahu is in your 8th house from Moon until it changes sign in September. You might feel lack of happiness as well as peace of mind in life. Some strife with family members may keep you disturbed too. This is however a positive year concerning legal matters and health. You might go abroad after March. Overall, profits would be there throughout. After September, be careful as some misfortunate event might take place.

Rahu in Aquarius: Rahu is in your 7th house until September. Until then, you might resort to lethargy and over reliance on others. You might get married to an older person or someone of different caste this year. Students might face concentration issues. After September, you would observe relief from a chronic health problem. 2017 isn’t quite promising for business matters, particularly after September.

Rahu in Pisces: Rahu is in your 6th house until September. This position is likely to trigger career growth. This elevation in career would also bring good luck and improvement in other areas of life. Your health would improve too. Expenses would also come under control this year. You should however beware of co-workers as there could be some conspiracy against you at the workplace.