Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

(Sagittarius this Month overview January 2017) January is the time to live life to the fullest, as you would feel all energetic and optimistic throughout. You would have a positive outlook and faith in your luck. You could also develop a risk-taking attitude due to your otherwise buoyant mood. You would lead an active and eventful lifestyle throughout. However, somehow your mind will be in a constant state of flux, thus you January not have that ‘feel good’ feeling despite everything being so positive. Nevertheless, you will perform well in all areas of life after Jupiter’s retrogression period is over on 10th January.

For the wanderers, possibility of travelling to a religious place exists. Overall, you will be very respectful, positive, and balanced throughout the month. But due to Mars-Saturn combination, you January have an urge to splurge excessively. Expenses will be high this month, and some highly wasteful outflow is possible that should best be avoided. You need to exercise control over your splurging habits. But thankfully, earning will be good to support this extravagance.

Career: An average month for results in career prospects. You will feel high on energy level, but January not be able to channelize this energy in the right direction due to lack of concentration. Thus, you would find it difficult to show your full potential. It is best to do what you are good at than taking up any new assignments. After 19th January however, you would observe positive changes at the work front. And situation will further improve after 22nd January. You just need to establish good rapport with your team members.

Love and marriage: Those in love could possibly indulge in romantic endeavors during this month. Showers of love will flood your relationship; however, beware of some occasional hiccups too. Things will be far better after 14th January when Sun changes its sign. Married couples January face little troubles every now & then but nothing drastic will happen. This is the time to keep calm and enjoy a blissful conjugal life.

Money and finance: You need to be cautious in financial matters this month as expenses are likely to rise. Occasional issues January halter the flow of income. But situation will improve on the monetary front after 22nd January when Mercury turns direct. This is not a favorable time for investments. Avoid making any new investments or extending the previous ones.

Children and student: Children will put in good efforts in all areas but health could be a cause of concern. Students are likely to work hard but they January not get good exam results. They need to be patient, and wait for the time when they can reap the benefits of the efforts they are putting in now.

Health and family: Personal health will be average initially and is likely to improve after 10th January. You will feel more energetic and vigorous in the second half of the month. Family life will be smooth and calm, and after 10th January, it will further improve. Overall, you would observe harmony and bliss in domestic atmosphere.