Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

(Scorpio this Month overview January 2017) The month of January would be a little challenging for Scorpio, owing to the mental dilemmas that Mars-Saturn combination January induce. Your family life seems a bit affected, as the Mars – Saturn combine could affect health of spouse. There could be also some unnecessary fights disturbing the conjugal harmony. Further, Rahu-Ketu axis January also affect domestic peace. This is the time to stay calm and composed. If you make decisions with forethought, and seek advice when needed, you could avoid potential hurdles. You will put in best efforts, which will be fruitful too, but when it comes to career, you should avoid being a workaholic as over stressing could affect your health.

The phase requires you to control aggressive instincts and irritation to overcome the challenges. A rational approach will help you lead a stable life. As Venus changes its sign on 19th January, health of spouse would show improvement and relationship will get better and pleasant. Nevertheless, this month, you need to keep cool and hold your peace as chances of frequent disputes exist throughout.

Career: You would do well on the professional front. Your career and position January rise. The period starting from 10th January would be specifically fruitful as your efforts will be recognized and appreciated by the seniors. Once Jupiter is direct, you could expect positive results in your professional endeavors. Overall, this is a good period to step up the corporate ladder.

Love and marriage: For love matters, it is a favorable period, especially to pour your heart out to your partner. Level of understanding will improve in the relationship as you will be able to share your feelings liberally. It January take considerable efforts, but eventually, you two will be able to develop a good bond. For marriage matters however, this month does not seem to be too promising, with possibilities of frequent disputes and arguments in views. Moreover, health of spouse could be a cause of concern too. With little patience, things would improve, especially after 19th January. Thereafter, you would observe sparks of romance back in the relationship.

Money and finance: In the financial matters, you could expect good inflow of money, but not without obstacles. You January have to face troubles. However, after 10th January when Jupiter resumes its direct movement, situation is likely to improve. But it is after 22nd January when you could expect highly favorable results once Mercury resumes its direct motion. Investments however should be avoided during this month.

Children and student: Children will do average in the initial days but after Jupiter retrogression is over on 10th January, you will observe noticeable improvement in their overall performance. Exam results are likely to be satisfactory this month. Overall, this is a productive and content period for children and students.

Health and family: Excess of energy will enter your spirit, which you January find difficult to comprehend and manage. Thus you January not feel well overall. Personal health requires proper attention. The biggest threats to health this month could be stress and anxiety, which January lead to alarming issues. Family life January be chaotic as your mental makeup is not at its best to solve any domestic problems.