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21 October 2016
Today, you might find difficult balancing your personal and professional life as both areas will demand your attention. You had to control your aggression in both these areas and should remain calm such that you can handle both areas with ease. You should also avoid making new investments as of now and your expenditures will also be on the rise which you might find it difficult to control as of now.

22 October 2016
Today, Again things might not changed much as both your personal and professional life will be quite tougher for you and will certainly demand your attention. The need of the hour will be to show restraint in family matters and remain focused and committed in your professional life. Try to take care while driving as time is not so good and you might get injuries.

23 October 2016
Today, if you remain calmer than you can pounce upon opportunities that might come in your way. Overall, life might not be easier for you whether it is your personal or professional life. Some issues might pop up in your marital life and you had to show restraint in that. Further in your professional life as well, you might lose your focus and it will be your duty to remain focused and dedicated in your professional life.

24 October 2016
Today, shorter journeys might give some benefit to you. Overall, things will be quite tougher at personal and professional level. You might lose your focus on family or might not able to fulfill your family commitments or not able to handle or withhold work pressures at your work place. Try to remain away from any investments as of now as investments made at this point of time might give you losses.

25 October 2016
Today, again things might be quite tougher for you mentally as far as family happiness is concerned. Obstructions might come into your personal and professional life as well that will be enough to frustrate you. Try to remain calm for better health. Your expenditures can rise as well that you had to take care off.

26 October 2016
Today, again things might not change much and you might face hard time at professional front as well as on the personal front. If you do not pay proper focus and concentration at your work place, then things might become quite tougher for you and thus proper care should be maintained by you such that problems does not appear at your work place. In marital life as well, keep all issues out of the window that can spoil your marital life.

27 October 2016
Today, there might be financial expenditures today. You might feel tired as well due to pressures from all ends on to you. At work place, work pressures will mount on to you and on the family front as well, things will remain tougher which might give you aggression thus stay calmer in your family for the sake of family happiness as well as for your better health. Drive and walk carefully else you can get injuries.

28 October 2016
Today, you had to take care of your child health and pay proper and due attention to that. On the personal front, you had to manage things softly by avoiding aggression. Try to take collective decisions back home. On the professional front, take care from hidden enemies that can spoil your image at your work place.

29 October 2016
Today, again, you had to take care of your child health. Overall for past some time, your personal and professional life is quite tougher and will remain tougher as of now. You had to fulfill all family and professional commitments such that problems can be reduced as much as possible.

30 October 2016
Today, as due to so much pressure on your personal and professional front, it will be your health that can suffer the most and thus you had to take proper care of your health. You might feel mental headaches or stress that you should avoid for your better health. Take care of your child health too.

31 October 2016
Today, again things will remain tougher for you be it is your finances, children, marital or your professional life. Adequate care had to be taken to manage all fronts without compromising your health. Try to remain communicative and calmer too, such that you can manage all fronts simultaneously.

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Taurus 2017 Horoscope for Business, brace yourself, dear Taurus, for the year 2017 will bring a fair share of trials and tribulations for you in your business. You might as well feel that your efforts are not bringing you the due rewards. You are advised to not get distracted by minor setbacks and continue putting in good efforts. If you are not careful, you may face financial losses. The time period from June to mid October will bring some relief in this regard.

Taurus 2017 Horoscope for Career, your mantra for 2017 is to believe in yourself and your capabilities. With this in mind, you can give your best shot in 2017 and take your career to newer heights.The year will seem to move in an ordinary pace during early January. However, post 26 January 2017, things at work might become tricky. You need to be careful and cautious during this time.Relief will come during the period from June to October, when you will find yourself amidst of great career progress and growth. This would be followed by another challenging period, but with sincere efforts, you can overcome anything. Seniors will support you and recognize your talents in the year 2017, dear Taurus.

Finance horoscope 2017 For Taurus, your intuitions will be your best friend. You have the wisdom and courage to make best decisions in your professional life. This is in general a positive time period for your finances. Making contact with eminent people and socializing with your seniors can be really beneficial. However, you must avoid being lazy this year, as it can ruin everything.

2017 Love and Relationship Horoscope for Taurus, it is time to get serious in the matters of the heart. If you are already in a committed relationship, you will start thinking about it in a serious, more responsible way. The placement of lucky planet Jupiter in your 5th house of love and romance will favor blossoming of true love in your life. Existing troubles will gradually fade out. However, the last 15 days of August and December are tricky and challenging. Try to be more expressive about your needs and avoid any rash decisions. Your relationship will have sparkling moments in the month of October, which will bring you multifold happiness, dear Taurus.

Taurus Health Horoscope 2017 your health will remain unpredictable in the year 2017, with constant ups and downs throughout the year. This may not be very good news for you. Some workload will cause you great mental and physical stress just as the year begins. You are advised to take breaks and enough rest to rejuvenate yourself. A health issue might appear all of a sudden during the period from mid April to November. Or you would feel low and less energetic during this time. Restrain from any major physically demanding work.

2017 Children Horoscope for Taurus your children will be very sharp-minded and wise in 2017. This improved wisdom would lead to better understanding of their surroundings and people. They would be quite disciplined and manageable too. They would respect elders and mind their manners. Their understanding of the value of heritage would improve. The period after September would be average.

Taurus Student Horoscope 2017 will show a lot of interest in learning, studying and acquiring new skills and knowledge. Teachers would also be supportive to them, which is further likely to boost their academic progress. Due to high level of concentration, their performance is likely to be satisfactory overall.

Advice for Taurus in 2017 this year 2017 requires you to remain positive, hopeful and strong despite all the odds. This year you will face quite a lot of challenges from multiple sources. You must not give up, as you will be very close to success. To remain healthy, you need to keep a check on laziness and lethargy this year. If you over spend during the month of March, you will regret badly.