Taurus Monthly Horoscope

(Taurus September 2017 Horoscope) September 2017 would be a challenging month as pressures and controversies could come in from various sources. Your biggest pressure could be on negative thinking, worries and definite stress that could come back again and again. Negativity in thinking could come back frequently. Further a lot of developments in real estate related matters is possible during this time. There would be issues due to presence of Solar Eclipse on the 12th September 2017 on your family, home and real estate. Caution is required as it could have some sort of depressive effect on real estate prospects. Despite all the negative expectations still a lot of events will unfold and it is going to be a very effective month for real estate matters.

Your own temperament that had been erratic and frequent worries and change of opinion that could have been present in the past 6 weeks would become much better after the 6th September 2017. This would be on account of completion of the retrograde motion for Venus as Venus turns direct on the 6th September 2017. You will find happiness and a resumption of social activity and progress. Ego could be high in the second half of the month and you should be careful on that account. Some loss in real estate and related things like home, conveyances is possible after the 15th September 2017, so be careful at all times due to this. Worries connected with finances could go up after the 18th September 2017 so spend your money wisely during this month.

Career: Career would continue to be positive. There would be growth in joint areas of work and partnerships. Overseas connections would also give you very good returns during this time. Work environment is likely to improve tremendously after the 6th September 2017. There would be positive growth due to good communication skills and travel that you will undertake after the 6th September 2017. Team and colleagues will do much better after the 6th September 2017 also. There could be some amount of negativity which you should work on and avoid communications gaps with your team during this time.

Love and Marriage: Love life would be interesting. There would be resumptions of some activities in relationships that might have been put on hold during May and June 2017. Improvements will come in love life after the 6th September 2017 due to direct motion of Venus. Existing relationships would see some negativity and pessimism and further misunderstandings with your loved ones are possible after the 18th September 2017. Be careful on that account. Marriage matters would improve to some extent but domestic environment will again become very aggressive and difficult to handle after the 15th September 2017. Avoid controversy at all times.

Money and Finances: Money matters would be positive as there would be jump in financial resources this month but still liquidity would be poor as your expenses and commitments would still be pretty high. Issues about money matters would rise after the 18th September 2017 so you need to spend carefully during this month. Investments should be handled with care. New investments should be totally avoided as chances of mistakes or error in decision making are possible to a great extent.

Students and Children: Children related matters would cause worry. There could be issues and some amount of controversy with children. Health of children also could be below average. Students would be worried mostly. Pressures would be high. Exams also could be a source of worry. Issues could rise after the 18th September 2017 but overall you should do well as long as you keep on working hard.

Health and Family: Your health would be positive. There should be good trends mostly. Worry and stress could create some sort of a hassle in digestion and other related matters connected with stomach region. Family life will be positive, there would be happy trends comparatively this month. Some amount of worry and misunderstanding is possible however after the 18th September 2017.

The presence of Solar Eclipse in your house of home and real estate could cause depressive influence. Further, Rahu and Mercury combination in the 5th house could bring in negative thinking and pessimism. To avoid hassles, you could request Pt. Punarvasu for specific remedy for this period.