Taurus Monthly Horoscope

(Taurus this Month overview January 2017) January is likely to be a challenging month for Taurus as most planets are not much in favor. Venus, your ruling planet is combust and posited in 12th house. This implies that you would feel low on confidence, energy, stamina, and self-esteem, which is likely to bear a negative impact on other areas of life. Nevertheless, you will observe significant improvement after 14th of January, and more specifically after January 19. The second half of the month would comparatively be much better.

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Since Mercury is in 12th house, you January have to battle with mental distractions, which could affect your decision-making ability and level of concentration. This January unnecessarily delay success. There could however be progress along these lines after January 22. As for domestic happiness, there would be constant disturbances due to Rahu-Ketu axis. The period is unfavorable for relationships due to Mars Saturn conjunction.  Patience is required now as the later half could be fruitful if you put in consistent effort.  Here is a detailed horoscope analysis for the month of January for Taurus.

Career: Career matters will be positive. There will be a lot of activity on the professional front, which will keep you busy and motivated. Joint areas of work will bring success now. You will work better as part of a team than on individual level. This would be a high activity phase in terms of work. You need to put in continuous efforts to reap the benefits soon. Overall, cosmic placement is indicative of professional success.

Love and marriage: For love and marriage matters, things do not seem to be all that sweet and sugary. Love matters could be troublesome until January 19. Thereafter you could expect improvement. This is going to be a difficult and demanding period for married couples due to Mars-Saturn conjunction. Utmost caution is needed to keep the relationship balanced and harmonious, as there are possibilities of frequent clashes and discords. Try to be calm and deal with your spouse carefully.

Money and Finance: Financial front would remain average, with recurrent difficulties though. Until 22nd of January, expenses and liabilities will be high with Mercury retrograde in the 12th house. Thereafter, there is a likelihood of some improvement. Income will largely remain standard. However, this is definitely not a time to make new investments. Possibility of incurring losses is high, thus be very cautious in this regard.

Children and Student: It is a challenging time for kids in terms of studies and results. Those expecting exam results January not get satisfactory scores. However, once Jupiter turns direct after 10th of January, you could expect some progress on education front.

Health and Family: The graph of personal health seems to direct downwards. Your energy and stamina level January fall considerably. There could however be slight development on the health front after 19th January. Family matters will remain challenging throughout, as domestic atmosphere January not remain content and calm due to frequent unwanted disputes. You need to stay calm and composed and avoid any disagreements now.