Virgo Monthly Horoscope

(Virgo this Month overview January 2017) The month of January will be a little challenging for Virgo. Though luck January not favor you in the first half of the month, you will have the determination and courage to overcome the obstacles now. After 19th January when Venus changes its sign, luck will pick up leading to better times ahead. This is the time to focus on your priorities, thus try to keep calm and steer clear of any distractions and confrontations. You January feel low on your will-power though. Due to Saturn-Mars combination in your 3rd house, you will be overwhelmed with energy that you January find difficult to handle effectively. The planetary combination could also cause problems with younger siblings.

As in the month of January, Mercury is retrograding in your 8th house, your health needs extra care this month. Until 22nd January, you could experience some kind of pressures on the career front and inflow of money January not be that steady. Your thinking process will not function at its best. However, once Mercury turns direct, you would observe improvement in situation. Overall, the month will be average; though you need special caution in money matters.

Career: Career could be a roller coaster this month, with lots of ups and downs. You will feel determined to put in your best efforts, but you January not get the fruits of your labor as of now. This could make you erratic. This is the period to be patient and enduring, as you would reap the benefits of your hard work at the right time in near future. Relationship with colleagues is likely to suffer, and you January even begin to feel a bit shaky and lacking in confidence, but don’t lose hope as this is a transient feeling and would pass off after 22 January when you would observe positive changes.

Love and marriage: Planets suggest that this is certainly not the time to be too intense in love or be clingy, as you need to allow some space to partner. Doing otherwise could lead to unnecessary fall outs and fights. Marriage matters also demand you to keep calm. Caution is required throughout the month, but you could expect the situation to improve after 10th January.

Money and Finance: Flow of income would be slow largely. Nevertheless, Venus’ transition to new sign could lighten the situation. After 19th January, you would observe some relief in financial situation. This month, you need to put your best foot forward to increase income level. Investment however should largely be avoided, as luck doesn’t seem to be too kind.

Student and Children: Children should be feeling more irritable than ever. Health issues January also strike, thus do not ignore any minor symptoms. Those studying would experience low level of focus and energy in terms of studies. Exam results will be average though.

Personal Health & Family: Personal health January keep you bothered. You need to be cautious of the alarming signals. After 22nd January, you could expect some relief. Domestic atmosphere will be harmonious and calm, especially after 10th January.