Leo – 2018 Horoscope Forecast for career, love and Marriage

LEO HOROSCOPE 2018 Overview

Your sunny energy and positivity will shine bright this year. Leo 2018 horoscope is studded with new opportunities. Thankfully, you will not carry the stress and pressure of the past year into 2018. Whatever confusion and mental worry was causing havoc in life would subside. However, you should respect the benevolence of stars and keep making efforts than simply relying on destiny. Anger and ego issues could be stumbling blocks in your growth this year so make sure to keep them away.

1. 2018 KEY PLANETARY TRANSIT result for LEO sign

Leo, you will handle matters related to court like a king and opponents will feel down and low in front of you. But don’t be overconfident. Enemies would keep raising head every now and then this year so better keep a watch. Let your inner lion-like strategic approach take its course. But don’t pick up fights or strike arguments unnecessarily. This will only give you more enemies to beware of, which you don’t want. If in business, 2018 will give positive rewards. Your efforts will bring in desired profits, provided you are persistent and perseverant. Someone might intervene and help you out in business matters and also in attracting some nice deals. The proposals and deals you accept this year will prove rewarding and lucrative in the future years.

From March to July 2018, Jupiter, the lucky star will be moving backwards Leo. This could cause frequent travels, primarily related to work or religious pursuits. On the other hand, from May to Nov, Mars will be in exalted state. This period is good for purchasing residential property. Marriage prospects will be strong as well during Mars exaltation. And if you are already hitched to someone, expect joy as spouse might get a rank upgrade at work. Rahu in your house of salvation and expenses is showing possibility of going abroad this year. This could mean for travel as well as permanent residency.

Despite all these positive developments, heath could go downhill at times and may not allow you to make the most of opportunities. Some old disease may revive so beware. Do not delay medical appointments if you spot some familiar symptoms. Leo 2018 horoscope has financial success written all over it. But at the same time, if you are expecting a payment, there could be noticeable deferment. Cordiality with siblings might suffer this year so pay attention and spend more time towards resolutions. Tackle things with maturity and patience.