Leo – Love Horoscope 2018

Leo love horoscope 2018 – Leo, your love life would be full of twists and turns. There would be some very promising periods but some low points as well. Disappointment would remain a major theme in love matters but thankfully, you would continue to be generous and warm with partner due to grace of Jupiter. However, too much focus on work could cause distance from partner which may not turn out well.

Starting from 13th January, you may run into ego issues. Physical satisfaction would also remain low. Nonetheless, the period from March to May would be sensually rick and promising. During this period, passion and romance would be at peak, thanks to Mars.

June is a high potential month in love matters when you would be able to fulfill your desires. The period from August to September is also good to indulge in romantic dates and night outs. You would also begin to express yourself more freely around partner that would foster a great level of understanding.

However, 2018 love horoscope also predicts chances of break-up and you may not handle it well initially but eventually, you may move on. To avoid such mishaps, it might be a good idea to focus on the positive qualities in your partner than finding faults.

Singles, you may find someone intellectual, wise, and rational but at the same time, compassionate and affectionate. This however is not the best year to indulge in a serious relationship. The period until 11th October is though opportune for marriage prospects.

2018 would end of an average note. There would be a strong need for respect. Difference of opinion and ego clashes may increase. It might be a good idea to keep your anger in check to maintain a harmonious relationship. Don’t resort to jealousy and obsession either.