Leo October 2017 Horoscope

October 2017 is going to be a positive and a fruitful month for you. You would find substantial gain in your finances during this month mainly due to your past efforts, creative work and just simple plain good luck. The conjunction of Jupiter and Mercury takes place in your house of wealth which will bring in a very high amount of financial gains during this month around the 11th October 2017. Mostly mind and feelings would be very happy and settled throughout. At the same time, however you might be aggressive and prone to getting angry for outsiders. Certain amount of short tempered thinking could spoil decisions to some extent and you should be cautious on that account.

Home matters could be a bit challenging although there are possibilities of a significant decision relating to real estate and domestic matters around the 29th October 2017 due to the Venus and Saturn conjunction. Broadly speaking you would be successful in whatever you do. There would be substantial gains in most of the areas of work. Thinking could be fixed and inflexible at times leading to loss of certain opportunities. Be careful and make the most of this period as financial gains would be substantial.

Career: Career would be very positive and growth oriented. New areas of work will open up, meeting new people will give you substantial gains and growth in various aspects of what you do. Improvements will come in further after the 13th October 2017 when you will find that you are able to work on a better and a bigger influence base and also find more people to work with during this time. Work environment would be a bit stressful and working could be uncomfortable at times. Be very careful and avoid controversy in the work area. Team and colleagues would do well. There would be substantial gains due to efforts of people working in your team. Delegation of work after the 17th October 2017 will give you very good returns.

Love and Marriage: Love life will be very happy. There would be very good chances of a new relationship and excitement in romance related matters till the 13th October 2017. Existing relationships would be very positive. There would be possibilities of a move towards marriage or long term commitment. Marriage matters could be a bit stressful. The outlook at home could be disturbed due to long distances. Avoid controversy and needless suspicion about spouse during this time.

Money and Finances: It is an excellent month for financial matters. Very good amount of growth would come about in money matters. Period close to 11th October 2017 could be the best for financial gains. Income would be substantial also and there would be very good gains due to your own creative efforts. Investments also will give you tremendous results.

Students and Children: Students would have an excellent month. There would be significant learning and very good results when it comes to exams and competitive positions. Children related matters will be very happy. There would be very good trends and children will do very well throughout this month.

Health and Family: Health would be positive. There would be happy and easy trends. While family life will be excellent and there would be some very good news on the family front during this month.