Libra – 2018 Horoscope Forecast for career, love and Marriage


Joy is the order of the year Libra, for Jupiter is endowing you with lots of luck and happy energy. You will now have a more balanced mind, just as you like. Libra 2018 horoscope suggests that career matters will be on the front burner now. Some serious efforts into fulfilling career endeavors would be there from your end. Planets fill you with high spirits and a joyful mood. You would become a social animal. Volunteering will be a frequent activity too. With this cheerful attitude, you will have become somewhat philosophical as well. There would be a new curiosity to dig deep into matters. While some twists and turns would be there in your path this year, you have what it takes to overthrow obstacles and tread the unknown. Courage and willpower will be your strongest suits. But don’t get emotional too easy. Do not trust someone for your valuable possessions. Also, avoid making fake commitments this year. Justice will be done, so better stride on the right path.

2018 KEY PLANETARY TRANSIT result for LIBRA sign

Jupiter retrogression will begin from March to July. And this is a period when you might experience a bumpy career ride. Thoughts of job change will frequent your mind more often but do not give up on your current job yet. An old rival may try to drag you down too so beware. Positively, this period will bring support from father and government. Any loan from government will clear as well. Saturn will also be moving retrograde during April to Sep. This could trigger mental pressure and restrictions in life. Do not make any life-defining changes now.

Mars exaltation between May to Nov will be a crucial time for you. Libra, you need to use your balancing skills the most in domestic matters as things could be strained during this period. On the other hand, income and gains will abound when Mars will be exalted. You may in fact work from home and make money. Or a property deal may trigger inflow of cash. Jupiter will change sign and move into Libra from October. After that, you will have a new energy to outshine rivals. You will go ahead and execute your business ideas successfully towards the end of the year, even if it entails some risks. However, with all these positive possibilities, expect confusion to continue in the year-end. Love matters also seem more pleasant before October.

To conclude Libra, your 2018 horoscope is filled with mixed possibilities. Finance is an aspect you could be excited about the most.