Libra – Love Horoscope 2018

Libra love horoscope 2018 – Love is the air this year Libra. The start of the year is positive 17th January until 7th March when there would be ample opportunities of romance. Your understanding and love would grow, like couples made for each other. There is sure to be a lot of lusty romance but make sure that your passion does not go overboard. For married folks, the period until 11th October looks more favorable.

You might travel abroad with your love partner in the month of August. The period between May and first week of November is also positive in terms of intimacy and romance. You would share a romantic equation with each other. Your physical desires would be fulfilled with as much passion as well.

This year however is not good to enter in new love partnerships as these are unlikely to last. If you still want to get into a relationship or marry someone, the period before 11th October is slightly better.

Saturn would continue to throw challenges in you love life and at occasions, circumstances may demand more caution due to possibility of separation. Breakup could make you feel lonely for a while but you would do well in healing your emotional wounds. It’s better to sort things out in time than bear such misfortunate events in your relationship.

2018 would be positive in the end as your love life would become somewhat stable. Married folks would also enjoy harmonious relationship with spouse. It would be hard to tackle all these challenges in the beginning. However, if you try to be a little less rigid in your approach and be a good listener, things would turn out well for you. Do not look down upon your partner. Disrespecting them would not result in anything good. Have faith in your relationship.