Libra October 2017 Horoscope

October 2017 would be a positive month but there could be pressures and setbacks also from certain areas. Mostly the month would be very high on confidence, happiness and gains due to your expression. You would come across as self-satisfied, comfortable and pretty much in control of situations all around. Beyond the 13th October 2017 you will find some new opportunities and growth that will take place because of how you handle people and how you are able to communicate and express yourself. The Saturn-Venus Conjunction takes place in your second house on the 29th October 2017 and that would bring in substantial amount of gains in professional matters as well as using some new creative ideas that would bring in progress as well as financial and real estate benefits.

You would be dynamic, aggressive and open to new ideas throughout this month. Expansion will be easy as long as you are able to manage your relations with team and colleagues around you. Mostly you will find yourself low on energy and stamina till the 16th October 2017. Beyond that there would be good amount of progress in health and you will find yourself in control of situations. Ego could be high and you should be careful that you do not end up saying things or acting in a manner detrimental to your interest.

Despite good financial inflows some amount of extra pressure on finances could be there and liquidity would be lower than your expectations. Expenses and some kind of losses are also not ruled out so be careful. Good chances of investment in a new property also exist. Some real estate transaction or deal could also be placed around the 11th October 2017 due to the Jupiter Mercury conjunction. Broadly speaking it will be a good time socially and friends would be a source of joy for you.

Career: Career would be a bit lower than your expectations. While income and gains would be good but regular progress might not be as much as your expectation. Work environment would also suffer. You might be away from work or might find many distractions which could put pressures on your professional life. Team and colleagues could also backfire and delegation of work might bring in losses so be careful and try to remain in control of the situations as much as possible.

Love and Marriage: Love life would be very positive. You will be in control and chances of a new relationship are there before the 13th October 2017. Existing relationships would be good. You might move towards commitment or a higher level towards the end of the month when the Saturn-Venus Conjunction takes place. Marriage matters would be good. Spouse would be aggressive but there would be many opportunities to go out and have a nice social time.

Money and Finances: Money matters would be good as inflows will be positive but expenses also would be high. This is a strange month when you will find lot of gains as well as outflows and end of the day you might find that you are not left with much surplus money. But you should be able to build up investments and real estate assets substantially. Income would be good throughout this month. Investments would be positive but avoid over stretching yourself in investments.

Students and Children: Students would have a positive month. There would be growth and good results in exams are also possible. Level of learning might not be very high as you might find yourself distracted. Children related matters are good. Family life should be positive. General happiness with regards to children might not be very high as you might experience a physical or mental distance between you and children.

Health and Family: Your health could be low due to poor immunity or stamina till the 16th October 2017. Thereafter it is positive for you. Family life should be good mostly throughout the month.