How would be your Love & married life in 2018?

It is the law of nature that everyone has to face happy and sad events in their marriage. According to Vedic astrology, the constant movement of planets brings about many changes in the life patterns. And married & love life is no exception and there are changes triggered by change in the position of planets in your horoscope. So, in order to keep the purest form of love intact in your married life, it becomes important to be prepared beforehand.

Following is the 2018 Marriage Horoscope based on Moon sign underling the upcoming trends in your married life. Read about the most suitable periods of romance and the ones involving some challenges and stress in personal life.


Aries marriage horoscope 2018: The year 2018 seems much positive in terms of married life, Aries. Period from 20th April to 14th May 2018 will bring ample chances to plan dates, lavish dinners, and entertainment outings. However, August is not a favorable month regarding health of spouse. So, be alert and cautious, as expenses too will increase. Thereafter, married life will be full of spice and romance. As per marriage horoscope, exalted Venus is the cosmic energy behind satisfactory bed pleasures. However, do not indulge in excessive sexual activities as it can take a toll on your health until 11th October.


Taurus marriage horoscope 2018: The year will bring mixed results for you, Taurus. You might have some conflicts and difference of opinion with spouse in the beginning of the year. Health of spouse too demands attention. However, from 17th January until 7th March, the period is filled with passionate and intense relationship with partner. The cosmic energy behind is transiting Mars in 7th house. However, a one-month unhappiness and ego clashes starting from 16th October might give you stress. Rahu would be taking charge of problems in your relation. Temper issues and aggression will rule the year. However, satisfaction and passion in sexual relation will keep you intact.


Gemini marriage horoscope 2018: The year seems average, Gemini. Beginning of the year until March might bring quarrels and some disturbance in domestic environment of your life. Your aggression, rude speech, and ego will act like fuel to the fire. However, there will be a different level of understanding and bonding between you both. Period until 11th October will be harmonious and happy. However, health of spouse may suffer problems related to stomach, gastric, obesity, back pain and weakness after 11th October. Spouse may not be satisfied with you in terms of sexual relation. As per marriage horoscope, Saturn doesn’t seem to cast benefic influence on your love life.


Career marriage horoscope 2018: The year is not much positive, Cancer. You will both try to degrade or dominate each other. There is a need to control the usage of abusive language otherwise it will land you in trouble. On the other hand, your spouse may make false promises to you, which in turn will lead to sore marriage relations. There may be lack of harmony and faith between you and spouse. Also, spouse is likely to have frequent ups and downs in health which will require much expenditure.


Leo marriage horoscope 2018: The year 2018 seems favorable in terms of married life, Leo. Though some unstable periods may come and go throughout the year but circumstances will remain under control. You may face some deterioration in marital relation for a month starting from 14th March. However, period from August is likely to bring back romance in your life. You will plan lavish dinners and trips with spouse. There will be intense sexual companionship with your partner in this period. Sensual pleasures will be more fun after 11th October.


Virgo marriage horoscope 2018: The year will bring mixed results, Virgo. Beginning of the year until March will be risky in terms of love with spouse. There is a need to control your aggression and temper which always leads to heated arguments. Rahu may spoil your marital relationship. On the other hand, March is the month to indulge in sexual activities. However, your health demands attention. Spouse will face much distress and worries considering your health. On a positive note, period after 11th October will improve wonderfully. If there are any disagreements or disputes, they should be resolved peacefully and tactfully.


Libra marriage horoscope 2018: The year seems much promising in terms of married life, Libra. Beginning of the year until March may bring stress for you as health of spouse may deteriorate. Your partner needs your love, care and support in this. On the other hand, period from May until November is indicating passionate and intense sexual relation with spouse. The period promises satisfactory bed pleasures. However, transit of Saturn and Ketu may badly influence your energies. Overall, Jupiter will bless you with harmony and happy married life.


Scorpio marriage horoscope 2018: The year is bright in terms of married life, Scorpio. You will spend quality time with spouse especially in the month of March. You both will indulge in amusing and enjoyable activities, which will strengthen your relation. The level of understanding and bonding will be satisfactory adding much regard for each other. However, a period of one month starting from August might bring some health issues related to stomach. You need to take care and support your spouse in this period. On the other hand, you may plan to travel to distant places with spouse and family in September. Overall, the period will be smooth.


Sagittarius marriage horoscope 2018: The year will bring average results, Sagittarius. Clashes between you and spouse are likely to remain throughout the year. In fact, period from 3rd March until 9th May is not favorable regarding health of spouse. However, initial months of the year will be full of passionate and intense sexual relations. Expect marital bliss with satisfactory trends in this period. Understanding and bonding will increase with the help of your wise approach. However, period after 11th October, you might face some problems. There may be a displeasing effect on sexual relation too. Overall, the year may not be as per your expectations in terms of physical intimacy.


Capricorn marriage horoscope 2018: The year seems to bring a blend of mixed results, Capricorn. Due to temper issues from both of you, there will be frequent quarrels, disputes and trust issues in your relation. Spouse seems to be of dominating nature. However, those looking to get married may tie the knot after 11th October in a different community. Coming back to married couples, your married life will be full of vigorous activities until 11th October. Thereafter, much relief is there. On the other hand, bed pleasures will be quite displeasing throughout the year. Spouse’s health demands attention especially chest related problems.There are also chances of indulging in extra marital affair from your side so beware and try to spend quality time with your partner.


Aquarius marriage horoscope 2018: The year seems much bright and positive on the marriage front, Aquarius. Initial months of the year will be harmonious. Month of March will be a period of celebration for you and spouse including lavish dinners, entertainment, and champagne. In fact, your spouse is likely to gain name and fame in this period. You will feel happy and proud for her. However, period from 17th September to 17th October may be troublesome for married couples. Some differences & misunderstandings are likely to crop up in this period. Health of spouse too demands attention especially throat related problems. Overall, your emotional and sensitive side will attract your partner. Bed pleasures too seem satisfactory.


Pisces marriage horoscope 2018: The year seems positive for you, Pisces. Period from 3rd March to 9th May 2018 is likely to see brewing ailments related to private parts to spouse, which will be a cause of worry to you. Also, you may face hardships in order to maintain your relation. However, period from 10th June will bring much improvement and smoothness in relation. Understanding level will increase with the help of wise and intellectual attitude from spouse. The month of August will be full of passionate and intense sexual union with spouse. Overall, the period will give you a soothing relation with partner.