Pisces – 2018 Horoscope Forecast for career, love and Marriage


Your inner journey will be as splendid as your physical one this year. Pisces 2018 horoscope indicates towards possibility of higher spiritual inclination. It seems your selflessness and intuition will find expression now. Like a sponge, you will absorb your surroundings and feel more in tune with others’ emotions. Your healing abilities will take effect too. If you want to, you may take advantage of this year for exploring a research area or occult subject. Monetary success is indicated in your horoscope Pisces. Rising income trends will keep boosting your financial strength besides the possibility of acquiring ancestral property. You will have lots of dreams and ambitions now Pisces and also have the energy to fulfill them. This year, you may also find a lost object. In relationship sector, the year may not get off to a positive start for married folks but things will stabilize and improve eventually. Work related stress would also be prevalent in 2018. Career may not go as planned and you might be relocated. When it comes to starting your business, the period from March to July when Jupiter is backtracking demands caution. Avoid any new ventures during this period and also, do not trust someone for help in spreading business. Once Jupiter transits into Scorpio towards the end of the year, there will be a lot of improvement in career. You will feel much relieved thereafter.


Saturn is making sure that you don’t tread on the wrong path. It is asking you to move slow and steady. The justice giver will not appreciate hasty actions and shortcuts now as this approach will only expose you more challenges so better slowdown, especially from April to Sep when Saturn will be moving backwards. This is not the time to rush but stop, reevaluate your actions and plan ahead. Let the things come to you, than chasing them hastily. This doesn’t however mean that you should stop making efforts and rely on destiny. Keep working hard so the future events are in line with your efforts.

Transit Mars is well placed for you so expect some positive possibilities when it comes to attracting luck and gains. Mars will boost your determination and energy this year. You won’t hesitate in taking risks if the desired reward is in focus. As a piece of advice, get your intellect to work now. Do not just rely on the energy you have. Once you know how to use both energy and mind together to your advantage, 2018 will fare as a favorable year for you Pisces.

2018 Key Planetary Transits Results for Pisces

Pisces, how your life would change in the year 2018 is written all over your horoscope. These changes & developments however, are delivered by the transiting planets as & when they cast their influence on different sectors of your horoscope. Following are the key transits of Pisces 2018 Horoscope and how they are bringing in changes in your life in the New Year 2018.This 2018 Horoscope forecast for Pisces is Moon Sign, the sign where Moon was placed at the time of birth.

Pisces 2018 Horoscope: Saturn Transit

Saturn is transiting Sagittarius throughout 2018. It will increase your fame, reputation, and recognition at work and society. Your efforts will pay off well in this period adding much respect in your kitty. Responsibilities may increase resulting in more hard work from your side. You will experience a clear picture of your goals. You will get an opportunity to have beneficial links and contacts. In fact, the trips to foreign lands and deals are on the cards, which will give you many connections & gains.

2018 Pisces Horoscope: Jupiter Transit

Jupiter, the destiny-changing planet is transiting Libra in your 8th house from natal Moon until the last quarter of 2018, resulting in a matter of concern in terms of health. You may have some stomach related issues. Exercise caution and beware of typhoid, obesity, and gastric issues. On the career front, there might be some problems, which can be managed with hard work and sincerity. On the positive side, you will acquire luxurious and material comforts. You will thoroughly enjoy those assets and possessions.

Jupiter will transit Scorpio after 11th October. This move is likely to increase your religious disposition. Jupiter will bless you with wisdom and will urge you to take on the spiritual journey. Health will improve in this period. Destiny seems favorable during this transit especially for your siblings and children if any. Overall, the transit is positive.

Pisces Horoscope 2018: Mars Transit

The beginning of the year will bring mixed results for you, Pisces. The transit of Mars is promising for wealth accumulation. From January until March, the period is much favorable. The planet is blessing you with wisdom and strong will power. Money matters will also enhance. Period from 2nd May is fruitful on the career front. You would receive appreciation and recognition at work. You might gain some new source of income too. However, you might have to face mental pressure due to disturbances in family. Still, satisfactory financial gains would help in improving your health mainly after 11th October. On the other hand, children and students seeking higher education would remain in good spirit too.

Pisces in 2018: Rahu Transit

Rahu transit in 2018 is likely to bring sudden gains from speculation or trading in financial markets. However, success may not come easy to you. Also, health of children demands attention. Exercise caution and be alert if any symptom occurs. Progeny prospects are not positive either. You may have to suffer loss in the same. However, financial prospects seem rosy. Unexpected gains will take you higher in terms of position. If studying for higher education, you might feel distracted but will possess good intelligence. Overall, your horoscope indicates prosperity. Your wishes should get fulfilled. However, take care of your health.

Pisces 2018 Horoscope: Ketu Transit 2018

Ketu is making a transit in 11th house from your natal Moon. This move will likely increase your cash inflow. You will succeed in your undertakings. Some of your desires and ambitions will be fulfilled. Overall, your horoscope indicates prosperity. However, relation with siblings might have a bumpy ride. Also, health of children demands attention. You need to pamper them at this time. On the marriage front, you might face disturbances with partner.

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