Pisces October 2017 Horoscope

October 2017 would be an excellent month for you as there would be support and growth from various areas. After a long time, a lot of planets are in your favor and you would do very well throughout the month. This month would see you very active, hardworking and dynamic. Growth, progress and luck will also rise due to your efforts. You have the Jupiter Mercury conjunction in your 7th house for spouse and partnerships. The conjunction takes place around the 11th October 2017 and it might bring in a very fruitful relationship or partnership at work till the 11th October 2017 for excellent growth prospects. Further the Saturn-Venus Conjunction also takes place on the 29th October 2017 in your house of luck.

Mostly this will bring in very good amount of financial progress. Some unexpected gains from sources that you are not counting on as of now and possibility of a long travel could also build up with this combination. Broadly you will find your stamina and immune system could dip after the 17th October 2017 leading to minor illnesses. Be careful and do not make second half of the month hectic for youself. Further there could be possibilities of some verbal disagreements with partner or spouse and that is entirely avoidable as some very good results are possible otherwise. This is one month when you will make deals very naturally, possibility of finding good transactions that are beneficial for you would be present. Wasteful expenses are possible so you should curve your impulses to spend heavily during this time.

Career: Career would be very positive. There would be growth mostly due to your ability to work together with people in joint areas and in collaboration. A collaborative approach would be the most beneficial one for work. Work environment would be good but there could be some ego with colleagues and people you are usually working together with. Politics in work environment could also rise and that should be handled with care. Team and colleagues would do well. There would be good amount of progress and growth due to support of your subordinates. Delegation of work would be rewarded well.

Love and Marriage: Love life would be average as the month starts but luck would rise tremendously in love matters after the 13th October 2017. Existing relationships would be turbulent and give you worry but at the same time you might push each other towards the commitment. Marriage matters would be happy. There would be very positive and happy trends. Socially it would be a very happy month also. Despite all the good events there could be constant bickering that should be controlled for maximizing your happiness.

Money and Finances: Money matters would be very positive. There would be growth and tremendous financial gains during this time. You might end up spending extravagantly and that should be guarded against as that could end up wasting money unnecessarily. Income will be good and you will find luck in generating more money for yourself. Investments should be handled with care.

Students and Children: Students would have a bit of a struggle as there could be difficulty in understanding and controversy in the environment. Exam results however would be very good and more than your expectation giving you a better position than before. Children related matters generally are good. You will find happiness. Children will also find happiness and there could be relationships or other positive developments in the lives of children. Family matters would be positive. There would be happy and easy trends.

Health and Family: Health would be good but there could be dip after the 17th October 2017 so you need to be careful.