Effect of Rahu transit in Cancer on all moon signs for 2017-18

Rahu Transit in Cancer is the third major planetary change of 2017. This transit would bring key changes in your life without you being able to control it. The effect of Rahu is seen as the most powerful and influential one in Vedic astrology. Rahu will rest for 18 long months in Cancer and therefore the effects are going to be more prominent. The effects will be at peak around September when you would feel some unseen and strong forces behind you.

Rahu can do much good if favorably placed in a chart. It mainly influences career, marriage, progeny, and education, business, money, and love aspects.


Below are the effects of Rahu Transit in Cancer. How this movement would influence each Moon sign for 18 months 2017 to 2018 is listed below.


Aries, Rahu transit in Cancer may bring some health issues for your mother. However, there would be profits in income due to aspect of Rahu on the 10th house. There might be some disappointments and obstacles in your path of success. Family front too might have some issues and disharmony. You may not be able to materialize desires related with luxury possessions. Pay attention to your health as the period might take a toll on it.


Rahu transit will bring fearless, brave, and intellectual approach in you, Taurus. You will abide by your commitments and complete them at any cost. However, the period is not good for siblings in terms of health. In fact, you may have some ego and temper issues with them. On the other hand, Rahu in Cancer is indicating sudden profits in investments. Seems like, destiny is in your favor. However, there would be some problems in married life. Also, you may get cheated by your business partner.


Gemini, effects of Rahu transit will increase your savings and wealth accumulation. You will overshadow your enemies and rivals easily. However, you need to control your speech and usage of harsh words as it might hurt the sentiments of others. Indulgence in alcohol is possible. Take care of your health and follow your diet routine. However, if you are stuck in any legal case, chances of success are high. In terms of career, there are some hurdles in job. Still, you will gain honor and dignity.


Cancer, your health needs attention especially towards chest related problems. The period of Rahu transit will trigger your rude side. People may avoid you due to your rude speech and anger. Try to control it and spread positive vibes instead. However, destiny will support you in some areas of life. You may have opinion differences with father. Rahu will affect your relationship and love life too. Take care of spouse and children. Progeny prospects are not positive either. If you are a student, you may get distracted.


Leo, the period would bring sudden increase in your expenses. You may have some health issues too, so take care. However, there may be an opportunity to go abroad. Interest in charity work and donations will increase. You will overcome your enemies. Past issues, which resulted in disgrace, will sort out due to Rahu transit. Take care of your mother’s health. Family life may have some issues. On the other hand, bed pleasures will be satisfactory.


Rahu transit will bring prosperity for you, Virgo. You will have sudden financial gains and well-to-do sources of income. In fact, you will accomplish your commitments too. Your material desires will realize in this period. However, your rapport with siblings will not be good enough. On the marriage front, some disputes and conflicts with spouse may crop up. You may indulge in an extra marital affair. Progeny prospects are not positive either.


Libra, work pressure may increase unexpectedly as per Rahu Transit in Cancer. You might not be able to cope up with the stress, which can cause loss of honor and public esteem. It is time to relax and not over burden yourself. Enemies will stay away from you. Career will grow but not as per expectations. Expenses may increase causing loss of savings still you will enjoy luxury. On the family front, relationships will remain neutral and calm.


Destiny is not in your favor, Scorpio. However, you will be intellectually active throughout the period. Siblings will support you. You would not be able to control your anger but still there is a need to give some importance to immediate family members. Health of father demands caution and support despite all issues with him. Progeny prospects seem unsatisfactory. Try to tone down your egoistic and aggressive approach.


Rahu transit indicates unexpected gains from insurance, gratuity, and pension, Sagittarius. Your savings will increase improving your financial condition. However, some disappointments and worries will disturb you. Health of mother needs caution and attention. On the family front, disputes and disharmony is possible. In order to enjoy family life, learn to adjust and compromise. Overall, you will be monetarily satisfied.


Rahu transit indicates prosperity but it would not be as per your expectations, Capricorn. You may have some hurdles in the path of improving financial condition. Business relationship too might face disharmony. However, health would be fine and you would be energetic and courageous throughout. Also, short travels are on the cards. On the marriage front, you will feel disturbed due to spouse’s sudden temper issues. There will be disputes and conflicts with no definite reason. There is a need to show your concern and love towards siblings.


Aquarius, the period demands attention toward your health especially heart and cholesterol level. In fact, there is a need to pay close attention towards stomach and skin problems too. On a positive note, you will perform well by overcoming your enemies. In fact, the money you lent someone will come back to you with interest. However, job front may have some issues. You will be aggressive due to Rahu transiting Cancer. It will be a good idea to bring sincerity and logic in decision-making.


As per Rahu transit in Cancer, income prospects seem much positive. You would have sudden gains from speculation and trading, Pisces. However, success will not come easy. Destiny might take a bad turn giving some financial losses, so take care. Progeny prospects don’t seem much favourable. Pay attention to your health. Interest from religious activities will decrease. On a positive note, some of your desires may take a true picture. Overall, you will prosper with minor disappointments.