Sagittarius October 2017 Horoscope

October 2017 would be a positive month for you. There should be growth, progress and new opportunities. This is a thinking month as you would find creative support, satisfaction and activities more cerebral in nature rather than physical. It is the time when your mind would mature and ideas could come up nicely. At the same time you will find yourself pretty aggressive and angry at times. Chances of minor injuries or blood related disorders possible so be careful as much as possible. The Saturn-Venus Conjunction takes place in your house of expenses and that could increase financial pressures and at the same time you will find your sexual desires and physical desires going up in comparison.

Overall that could have a negative impact on your outlook and you should try to control your impulses as much as possible. The Jupiter Mercury combination in your 10th house around the 11th October 2017 could give you creative satisfaction and some recognition for your literary abilities. You will find people in authority and Government sources also supportive for you throughout this month.

Career: Career would be very good this month. There would be great progress due to your intellectual properties and ability to do work well. There should be overall expansion in activity. You will find yourself working very hard and at times might think that the rewards are not as much as efforts. This should not be a negative thought for you as all the extra work being done now will get rewarded tremendously in the long run.

Work environment would be below average. You might not be satisfied in your environment. There could be issues all around. A physical attraction towards a colleague could also create hassles for you. Team and colleagues might not be very helpful. Delegation of work should be avoided to the largest extent possible.

Love and Marriage: Love life will be very positive and happy till the 13th October 2017. Chances of a new romance, a new relationship due to high sex appeal and attraction could be present in the first half of the month. Existing relationships would be aggressive. You might end up getting into a negative mode and cause anger related fights throughout this month so be careful. Marriage matters will be very positive. Spouse would be very helpful and position of spouse would be high. Mostly it is a very satisfied month with regard to marriage.

Money and Finances: Money matters could be a bit challenging as expenses would be high and financial pressures would exist to some extent. Inflows of funds would also be lower than your expectations in the second half of the month. Income will be good throughout. Investments could be aggressive. Do not take any rash or sudden decisions. Long term prospects are not that strong, be conservative when investing.

Students and Children: Students would have a good time. There will be progress and recognition. Exam results might be less than your expectations. Children related matters would be good and positive. Children might be aggressive during this time and you need to be cautious about that. However position of children would be good and happy for you.

Health and Family: Health would be good mostly. This is a good month and positive trends would prevail. Family matters would be average although improvements will start coming in after the second half of the month.