Saturn moved into Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

Saturn 2017 moved into Sagittarius on the 26th January 2017 making way for major changes in our lives over the next 3 years. Sagittarius is an aggressive, open & very dynamic sign for Saturn to be in and would bring sweeping changes in our lives. This position of Saturn would remain till 23 January 2020 and our lives, as we have lived for the last 3 years would change tremendously. You will see all round changes in the relations, career, finances & general perception that you have about life. Some of the changes would have started moving in the last few days and many more would come about in the coming few months, that would gradually go up in intensity as we cover the next 36 months.

In your horoscope particularly, Saturn would bring in substantial financial progress and bring out many changes with regard to matters related to Higher income, steady & mutually beneficial friendships, growth, socially exciting life, an exciting relationship, travels etc you would experience in the coming 3 years. There would be several swings, out of which the major one would come this year itself between June & October 2017 that would make you rethink new plans & steps that you are taking in life. It is the time when you need to rethink, open up your plans and further use speed, honestly & aggression to achieve what you seek in life. You could get tempted to give up the new plans & go back to your old ways. This should be avoided & you should face all challenges. Following your instinct & having a clear honest policy would be the best way forward

Saturn’s moves are very important & require a rethinking & recalibration in life. I have therefore devised a new pattern of the Saturn Transit Report that would describe the effects of Saturn Transit over the next 3 years, list out lucky dates & periods, define a clear strategy on what needs to be done to increase growth / gains / happiness & decrease hurdles and setbacks.