Scorpio 2018 Horoscope


Scorpio, planets are poised to give a boost to your energy level and powerful emotions but this also means that you could be prone to anger issues on occasions. While overall you will maintain a cheerful and carefree attitude when dealing with others, sometimes, you may have an edgy tone of voice, straightforward but a tad harsh. Scorpio 2018 horoscope suggests that during the period from March to Nov, Mars will be in exalted position so you should be particularly careful with your speech and hastiness during this time. Mars on the other hand will also sharpen your determination and energy level when exalted and will be favorable for siblings too. Father would render help when you need this year and you will feel lady fortune to be favorable too. This year will bring inner contentment and peace Scorpio. You will get ample chances to get in tune with your inner spirit, through religious trips and pursuits particularly.


During March to July, when Jupiter will be moving backwards, chances of foreign trip will be strong. If you were looking to settle abroad, this period could bring positive news, however, you may also have to come back to your native place within the retrogression period. During these months, spending will increase so be vigilant. Business matters also need more care and attention during Jupiter retrogression. Saturn, the taskmaster is placed in a way to make you more serious and justice loving. You will not stand misconduct or unfair actions.

As Jupiter changes sign to Scorpio in October, things could be a bit troublesome. It is the period before October that you should look forward to and make the most of. That is when your business profits will soar high and you will also be able to clear or apply for loans in business. If salaried, you will share a cordial relationship with colleagues during the period before October, as long as you keep anger in check. If married, caution is needed after August as some issues could strike. Distance or break in relationship is also expected, so make sure to handle relationship matters with a calm approach. The period after August brings marriage prospects for those looking to remarry.

This year could be exponential for studies. However, Jupiter retrogression from March to July demands attention. Do not think of switching courses or institutions or you will have to regret later. Overall, Scorpio 2018 horoscope is full of positive possibilities as long as you pay heed to the points above and keep anger in control.