Scorpio – Love Horoscope 2018

Scorpio love horoscope 2018 – 2018 is a lot positive for your Scorpio, especially in matters of the heart. While some uneasiness may prevail in you love life at the start of 2018, things would eventually get better if you pay attention. You would share a good level of compatibility with your partner. Passion and intensity would be high until 7th March. Make the most of this period. The period until 2nd May is romance rich for Scorpio lovers.

However, you may get distracted and indulge in a secret affair during August which needs to be avoid, especially if you are married. September is quite a promising period for love matters. You would enjoy going and dining out. A romantic travel is also indicated.

Bonding would strengthen further after 11th October and there would be harmony in your relationship. The end of the year is also promising in terms of intimacy and sexual needs. All you need to keep your relationship amazing is politeness.

If you are single and looking to pair up, your search will end after 11th October. However, keep aggression at bay to let this new affair last. You would find a person who is emotional and compassionate with a good sense of humor.

The period after 11th October is not promising for married folks as there is possibility of friction due to aggressive instincts. You need to tame your anger now. On the positive note, there is no probability of heartbreak so rejoice!

End of the year looks positive for your Scorpio. Your physical needs would get fulfilled but if your relationship is still in early stages, you need to be very careful for it to last. Pay attention and learn to respect & encourage your partner. Keep any superiority complex at bay. The more you understand and equate with each other, the better.