Scorpio October 2017 Horoscope

October 2017 would be a positive month. There would be growth, gains and financial progress. However financial progress and abundance would also be accompanied with high and wasteful expenses. Try to control how you go about your financial matters as inflows could get dissipated with unnecessary spending. The Saturn-Venus Conjunction occurs in your 1st house making you very prone to hard work, new ideas and at the same time expectation of romance in your work place. So with this high activity phase, you might find yourself divided in your attention in both love as well as relationship matters.

The Jupiter and Mercury combination takes place in your 11th house which is related with income and that should bring in substantial gains for you around the 11th October 2017 when the conjunction takes place. Broadly speaking this is a good month in various aspects. New prospects at work would come up on a regular basis. Support and gains from people in position of authority would be high till the 13th October 2017. Thereafter you will find a dip in your stamina and health to some extent. Speech could be extra aggressive and you should be careful in not hurting others by your anger or aggression.

Career: Career will see tremendous growth and gains till the 16th October 2017 but it will dip thereafter. The exception would be there and you could find some good progress with regard to people in authority and high position. Work environment would be good but you could suffer if you say some wrong or aggressive things. Team and colleagues would be very much on your radar. You would be in close interaction with your subordinates and it would be beneficial to delegate matters to a practical extent for good progress this month.

Love and Marriage: Love life will be average till the 13th October 2017 and turn very interesting thereafter. New opportunities in love could come in the second half of the month and there could be possibilities of relationship during this month with a known person who you have been in touch with in past. Existing relationships would be good. There would be a celebration and an excellent time with your partner. Travel and social outings would give you happiness. Marriage matters would be positive as there would be focus and clarity. Before the 13th October 2017 there could be mental or physical distance with spouse although desires would be high leading to anger and unnecessary aggression too.

Money and Finances: Money matters would be good. There would be substantial gains and jump in your earnings during this month. Income will remain very good and a new source of income could also turn up during this time. Investments should be handled with care but there would be good returns throughout.

Students and Children: Children would have a very good month. There could be celebration and possibility of a marriage proposal connected with your child during this month. Students would have a very good month too. There would be growth, learning and exam results would be pretty positive.

Health and Family: Health could be good throughout except a dip after the 17th October 2017 due to low immunity or a dip in stamina. Family life would be good although you could say some aggressive things which could spoil matters to some extent.