Taurus – 2018 Horoscope Forecast for career, love and Marriage


An easy and carefree approach will start to envelop you this year Taurus. And you will love these positive vibes. If peace is what you were seeking, 2018 is fraught with signs of mental relief. However, don’t expect it to be a lucky year, there will be challenges on the way as indicated in Taurus 2018 horoscope, and you should be prepared to conquer them. In the beginning of 2018, anger issues will be present frequently. Such an attitude could take a toll on your relationships too so better keep calm and give a content start to your New Year. Make “No Anger” your New Year resolution in fact. Career uplift is indicated in 2018 horoscope for Taurus. Patience and hard work are virtues that will help you stand out at work and also fetch reward and acclaim. But, this year does not suggest profit for new business ventures so you might want to delay executing your entrepreneurial ideas. If running a business, keep consulting veterans when you feel stuck.

2018 KEY PLANETARY TRANSIT result for Taurus sign

Jupiter, the planet of luck will be retrograde during March to July. During this period, you should not think of switching your job and do not indulge in behavior that triggers seniors’ wrath. On a positive note, if you were struggling to resolve an inheritance related dispute, 2018 will bring the good news. Mars, which will be exalted during May to November, will also bring many constructive changes in life. Career success for spouse is indicated during Mars’ exaltation. Financially also, you will get all the help and guidance you need at this time.

Foreign settlement is in the cards this year Taurus and you may even get some lucrative offers to work abroad or with foreign clients. This year is also opportune to get rid of past debts and you could also make some profitable investments. Profit from ongoing investments will also be handsome.

Rahu is transiting through your 3rd house this year, giving you the much needed courage and stamina to pursue desires. Quite atypical of Taurus, you won’t mind taking risks if the need be. You will take initiatives too. In terms of love life, planets will bring a special someone in your life towards the mid of the year. This relationship will be a landmark one. While career demands special attention this year, overall, Taurus 2018 horoscope indicates smooth pattern in other aspects of life.